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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Poke Kid Sunny

Poke Kid Sunny is thrown at us next. Not that we had much choice – Route 4 seems to have thrown up trainers that enjoy running in circles, so unless we want to skip some pieces of loot, it looks like we’re taking them on… Still, it would be a pretty short series we’re writing here if we skipped trainer battles now wouldn’t it.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Sunny

Poke Kid Sunny

Location: Route 4

We really do love it when Pokemon games throw up a few surprises. Here we were, trotting along and seemingly having the answers for everything the game throws at us. That is until a trainer appears with a rather strange opponent for us. Thinking about it, this is probably our favourite part of the game, despite the fact that it often requires doing a little research after the battle..


milceryfairy Type – Level 15

  • Weaknesses: Steel and Poison Type
  • Resistances: Bug, Dark and Fighting Type
  • Immunity: Dragon Type
  • Notes: Higher Special Defence

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Sunny


If you’re anything like us, Milcery will have taken you by surprise a little. It’s a new one for the Sword & Shield generation and as such, we had no idea what to expect. Naturally, we chucked everything we had at it, in an attempt to make something stick, but to no avail. Nothing seemed to be damaging the frustrating cream globule.

Eventually we ground it down, mostly due to being a higher level in general, though also assisted by our opponents’ lack of heavily damaging abilities. Hmmm.. Time for a bit of research.

Recommended Pokemon

Well, initially we thought that it would be easy to recommend Klink, our Steel Pokemon, until we noticed that it doesn’t actually have any damaging Steel Type abilities yet. Of course, it will eventually win the fight, but it’s not exactly ideal.

Stunky is another option, which is a Poison & Dark Type Pokemon found in Route 3. This should have the Poison move Acid Spray, which will do some good damage to Milcery.

A bit thin on the ground in terms of options for this one! There aren’t a great deal of Steel or Poison types available up to this point. Still, if all else fails just throw your best physical attack abilities at it until it falls!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Sunny

Why do they always look so happy to be defeated? Where’s your competitive spirit? It’s bad enough that you’ve been made to run around a field for your entire trainer life, never mind being dressed up like that. Oh what’s the use..

At least the usual salary rules seem to apply. You’d think they would be given some form of bonus for running around in the heat wearing that kind of thing.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Poke Kid Sunny

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