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Tip: Location of Dragonite Ore in MHGU

Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is used to craft a large amount of equipment. It can be a pain to find, especially when you’re just starting out in low rank, when most of the upgrades into high rank need a lot of it.

We feel your pain – it was hard for us to find Dragonite Ore too. In fact, it was hard to find a lot of things in MHGU, with early game information very limited out there.

Today we’ll write about when you can find Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, both low rank and high rank.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Where is Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate?

Dragonite Ore in Low Rank MHGU:

During your low rank playthrough of MHGU, the earliest point you can mine Dragonite Ore is once the Volcano map has been unlocked. It can be found within the mining spots around this map, though it can be quite rare to get a piece of Dragonite Ore at this point during the game. This is unlocked once you reach the 4 star series of quests.

Dragonite Ore in High Rank MHGU:

Once you reach High Rank and further, Dragonite Ore can be found on almost all subsequent maps. In fact, you’ll probably be sick of the sight of it by the time you’re done with the game! Still, it’s nice to have a stockpile of the stuff for crafting the huge amounts of equipment in this game.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Dragonite Ore

Alternative Ways to find Dragonite Ore in MHGU:

Dragonite Ore can also be found by completing the Meowster Hunter mini game, by sending your Palicos to the Volcano locale. They will sometimes return with it. We have found this to be less reliable than other methods but since it’s always worth it to send them out, you might as well!

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we’ve helped you find Dragonite Ore!

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