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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Worker Georgia

Up steps Worker Georgia! She’s the next trainer in line for us as we make our way through the Galar Mine. We’ve been through quite a few Rock Pokemon so far, so let’s see what this next worker has in store for us!

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Worker Georgia

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Georgia

Location: Galar Mine #1

Pokemon: timburr lv.14, timburr lv.14, timburr lv.14

So, erm, it’s quite hard not to notice whats going on here. Three of the exact same Pokemon! Though we’ll admit that we kept taking them down one at a time, expecting something different to pop out. Oh well, looks like we’re taking down a Timburr then aren’t we? Let’s see what we can learn about that Pokemon specifically…

Firstly, secondly… And thirdly, Worker Georgia will bring out Timburr. This Pokemon is a Fighting Type, making it weak to Psychic, Fairy and Flying. It’s resistant to Bug, Rock and Dark type, but has no immunity. It also has quite a low special defence, but a high physical defence, as you might imagine.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Georgia


Wow. Here we were expecting loads of Rock and Ground types and a Fighting type turns up! We do love it when games aren’t predictable! Now, whilst it’s entirely possible to have a Pokemon with Psychic or Fairy type abilities, you’re much more likely to have a Flying type by now. Starting to get a sense of deja vu around here… Wingull anyone?

Yes that’s right we had kept our trusty wilds-caught Wingull out since our last trainer fight and stumbled upon the solution to this trainer too. To Timburr’s credit it did stand up to a few Flying type attacks, mainly due to it’s high defence rating, and it managed to do some good damage to our physically weak Wingull. Still, it was never going to be a match really now was it.

Recommended Pokemon

Wingull of course will do the job here, just be careful when starting the fight with low health because Timburr can put out some good physical damage. Rookidee will also do well here if you still have it in your party.

If you’re struggling to hit it’s weaknesses then just be sure to bring something with higher than usual physical defence or high rated special moves.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Georgia

Well, that’s the first trainer in Sword & Shield that we’ve seen reacting happily to a defeat. We’re not sure that we’d feel the same if we’re honest. Still, it’s nice to know that there is salary equality in the land of Galar…

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Georgia

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