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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Worker Sandra

Worker Sandra is next on our trainer list! She seemingly stands guard over a bridge in the Galar Mine, and battling her reveals another returning Pokemon, one of the OG no less! Let’s get into it a see what she has to offer..

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Sandra

Worker Sandra

Location: Galar Mine #1

Pokemon: diglett lv.14, drilbur lv.15

We know what you’re thinking: Do workers further in the mine get paid more? Well relax, we’ll get to that. For now we need to look into exactly which Pokemon she has and what we can do about it!

She’ll first bring out Diglett, which is a Ground Type Pokemon. This makes it weak to Grass, Ice and Water. It’s resistant to Rock and Poison, and immune to Electricity. It’s also worth noting that Diglett has a low physical defence.

Next up, Sandra will bring out Drilbur, which is also a Ground Type! This makes it weak to Grass, Ice and Water. It’s resistant to Rock and Poison, and immune to Electricity. It’s defences are more balanced than Diglett, though neither physical or special are particularly high.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Sandra


If you’re like us and chose the grass type starter well, these two battles will likely fall each with a single Razor Leaf attack. Equally, the water type starter will have very little trouble here, itself easily able to attack those weaknesses.

Fire type starters however, may have more of an issue. In that case you’ll want to look for an alternative Pokemon to do the job, with water types probably being the easiest to find up to this point. Even without these options you’re not likely to have much of an issue if we’re honest – stick to physical attacks against both opponents and they’ll fall soon enough.

Recommended Pokemon

Outside of the obvious starters that work well, we’re going to highlight Wingull again here – sure it’s defences aren’t the best, but it will have a water attack by now which will easily defeat both of Sandra’s Pokemon. Chewtle will also do a great job and comes with the bonus of having some good defensive statistics. You may have even picked up a Seedot or it’s evolved version Nuzleaf by now, which will make light work of the duo with Mega Drain.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Sandra

Another trainer that’s pleased to have been defeated by us! Where are all of their competitive streaks? We’d be devastated if our life consisted of a string of constant losses, forced to field only ground types for the entirety of our existence!

Perhaps she’s smiling because of her seemingly upgraded wage packet – $1500 is a nice step up from the prior two workers… Maybe you get more for watching bridges?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Sandra

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