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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Worker Keith

Worker Keith is our next Pokemon Sword & Shield opponent, and the first to be found in the Galar Mine! His divergent pathway leads us to a piece of loot, and who doesn’t love loot? So join us as we see what Worker Keith has to offer!

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Worker Keith

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Keith

Location: Galar Mine #1

Pokemon: Roggenrola lv.14

As mentioned, Keith is the first trainer you’ll come across in the Galar Mine, and we’d be a pretty poor Pokemon player if we didn’t know the kind of thing to expect in here… Rock types perhaps Well let’s get into it and see what Keith has to offer – only one Pokemon by the look of it…

Worker Keith brings out Roggenrola to battle us. This is a Rock Type Pokemon, which makes it weak to Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel Types. It’s resistant to Poison, Fire, Normal and Flying Type, but has no immunity.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Keith


As you can see, we came into this battle at a bit of a disadvantage. Our Wingull is still out and weakened from our previous battles en route to Keith. To add to this, we were initially worried because it’s a bird, so surely it’ll be useless as a flying type versus his Rock?

Of course, Wingull is actually a Flying & Water type, meaning we could attack the weakness of Roggenrola straight away. Before that though we did pop a Potion just to be sure, after all his choice of Pokemon does have a very high attack rating and we wanted to be careful.

This brings us to our best piece of advice: If you can’t attack it’s weaknesses, be sure to use special attacks because it has a very low defence against this.

Recommended Pokemon

As you might imagine Wingull works very well here. It’s unlikely to take the enemy down in a single hit, but you’ll manage just fine. Of course, this counts double if you’ve chosen the water starter, Sobble, or even if you’ve picked up a Chewtle on the way.

Fighting types that we’ve previously recommended will also work, including our favourite leaf chewing Pancham.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Keith

Looks like Keith couldn’t stand up to our torrent of attacks. Still, we’ve fought three Roggenrola now since we’ve been in this damned cave and we’re eager to see what else is on offer… Well, after we thoroughly scour the place for loot…

£1400 huh. Interesting. We’ll make a note of that for some salary considerations later on. We’re determine to discover the best paid profession going in Galar.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Keith

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