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The 4 Best Dances For Mog | Final Fantasy 6

Traditionally, an RPG party that plays host to a Dancer or Bard will find themselves supported with buffs, debuffs and perhaps some limited heals, but very often they’re limited in damage. The same cannot be said for Mog in Final Fantasy 6. As a character, he can be used to simply auto attack or use magic, much like other members, however his Dance ability plays host to some truly powerful skills. The downside to this is that Mog cannot be controlled after activation of course, and there’s the 50/50 chance of landing it in the wrong environment too, but should all of this be accounted for, which Dances grant you the most benefit? 

You’ll no doubt be aware, but it’s worth remembering that if you use a Dance whilst not being in its native location type, there is a 50% chance that Mog will stumble and waste a round. 

4. Twilight Requiem

Twilight Requiem, Final Fantasy 6

As you read through our top four recommendations here, you’ll no doubt notice that they trend towards the most damaging of options, however this first choice is the exception. Twilight Requiem features two skills that deal damage, but they’re much less likely to appear, rather this focuses on crippling or removing one single target. Cave In will deal 75% of the target’s health, assuming they’re vulnerable to instant death, and Snare will literally just KO them whilst stopping any final attacks of sorts. All of this makes Twilight Requiem ideal for taking down singular, tougher enemies in regular battles, particularly in some of the late game dungeons.

Dance Details

  • (43.75%) – Cave In – damages for 75% of targets HP. Does not work on targets immune to KO.
  • (37.5%) – Snare – KO to one target. Also prevents final attacks.
  • (12.5%) – Will o’ the Wisp – Fire damage to one target.
  • (6.25%) – Poisonous Frog – Poison damage to one target, whilst also inflicting Poison.


3. Wind Rhapsody

Wind Rhapsody, Final Fantasy 6

Having previously described that damage is what you really want from an uncontrollable Mog, Wind Rhapsody improves upon Twilight Requiem quite significantly. Gone are the requirements for your opponent to be susceptible to KO, and in come some basic-but-good damage skills. Wind Slash and Sunbath are the main events here, because of course they are, but what they create is a Mog that’ll be very likely to provide group damage and party healing. This makes it ideal for battles in which you expect to receive significant group damage, but find yourself unable to field dedicated healers of sorts. Early World of Ruin is a great example of this, where you’ll likely have a fractured team that is perhaps missing some of your trained members, and having a damage/healing hybrid might be just the ticket.

Dance Details

  • (43.75%) – Wind Slash – Wind damage to all enemies.
  • (37.5%) – Sunbath – Medium Healing for the entire party.
  • (12.5%) – Plasma – Lightning damage to one enemy.
  • (6.25%) – Cockatrice – Non-elemental damage to one enemy. Will Petrify the enemy if they’re not immune to KO or Petrification.

2. Earth Blues

Earth Blues, Final Fantasy 6

Some of our more educated readers may be questioning why we’ve considered the Earth Blues to be more useful than Wind Rhapsody. Don’t get us wrong, we do technically consider the skills on offer in the latter to be superior, but rather consider that the former can be successfully applied in more locations, once learned. Wind Rhapsody will do well on Plains, but when do you really battle difficult groups of enemies on basic Plains areas in the game? Alternatively, Earth Blues will apply 100% of the time in Mountains, and perhaps more importantly, the Floating Continent. You can only bring three team members of course, and there are probably those more suited to a reactionary environment, but the moveset here is actually very powerful in this location, and Mog can have some very good statistics for this point in the game, specifically defence.

Dance Details

  • (43.75%) – Rock Slide – Non-elemental damage to one enemy.
  • (37.5%) – Sonic Boom – 37.5% HP damage to one KO-susceptible enemy.
  • (12.5%) – Sunbath – Medium Healing for the entire party.
  • (6.25%) – Boar Brigade – Non-elemental damage to one enemy. Enemies with the Float status will be missed.


1. Water Harmony

Water Harmony, FInal Fantasy 6

There was only ever going to be one winner, wasn’t there? Water Harmony features two damage skills in the main slots, which effectively makes it a very powerful Dance in almost all situations, and neither of these rely upon KO vulnerability to land. Yes, it can be a pain to have to run all over the map to learn it (We opt to return to the Serpent Trench via the cave on the Veldt, then Chocobo ride back to the Airship) and yes, you will have to deal with Mog occasionally falling on his face, but the result is very much worth it. If you’re anything like us, you’ll use this Dance in any situation outside of those in which Wind or Earth definitely cannot fail. Unfortunately anything in the World of Ruin doesn’t really apply, aside from perhaps some incidences of Twilight Requiem being worth it, so we hope you don’t mind seeing those bubbles across your screen in every battle!

Dance Details

  • (43.75%) – El Nino – Water damage to all enemies.
  • (37.5%) – Plasma – Lightning damage a single enemy.
  • (12.5%) – Specter – Inflicts Confuse on a single enemy.
  • (6.25%) – Raccoon – Big healing & ailments cleansed for the entire party.

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