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Fruit Trees – Are They Worth It? | Stardew Valley

Cultivating trees, be they fruit or otherwise, is never a bad idea in Stardew Valley. Like anything on a farm however, these will become a commitment, requiring time and attention to keep efficient. They’re not exactly a get rich quick scheme either, and they take up quite a significant amount of space. All of this being the case, are they really worth your time, or can you manage without them?

Fruit Trees Detailed

Fruit Trees, Stardew Valley
  • Cherry Tree (Spring) – 3400g
  • Apricot Tree (Spring) – 2000g
  • Peach Tree (Summer) – 6000g
  • Orange Tree (Summer) – 4000g
  • Banana Tree (Summer) – Island Trader
  • Mango Tree (Summer) – Island Trader
  • Apple Tree (Fall) – 4000g
  • Pomegranate Tree (Fall) – 6000g

There are a few things that must be noted prior to determining the worth of a Fruit Tree. Firstly, the saplings required must be purchased prior to planting, and that it will take a full 28 days for any kind of harvest to become available from them. This means that you’ll need a good amount of gold and time on your hands before you consider their usage. Additionally, the fruits that they produce are seasonal in nature, meaning that they will only produce fruits in their respective seasons. This last point can be mitigated with some judicious placement around the outside of a greenhouse, or by planting them on Ginger Island in the case of Banana and Mango, which will make them produce fruit all year round, however this too will require forward planning.

Fruit Tree Pros

  • Fruits are required for a community centre bundle.
  • It can be very difficult to get these fruits through other means, like treasures in the Skull Caverns or via the Travelling Merchant.
  • Some of the fruits will make for well loved gifts by villagers.
  • Fully grown fruit trees are very aesthetically pleasing, and will make your farm look great, especially in the right season.
  • Planting around a greenhouse will give you fruit all year round, which can become quite profitable after the initial investment.
  • Fruit trees will mature as they age in years, producing higher quality fruits the longer you keep them.

Fruit Tree Cons

  • Taking 28 days to grow means that you’re going to be waiting a while.
  • Fruit Trees will require 8 squares of space around the initial planting area, so they can take up quite a bit of room after a while.
  • Whilst it’s possible to make a profit, fruits don’t really sell all that well. If you’re looking for major profits, there are much better options available.
  • The initial outlay of gold can be hard to swallow, especially when there are so many items and upgrades to be spending your hard earned cash on.


Verdict – Fruit Trees

We believe that fruit trees are certainly worthwhile, however we recognise that this may not be relevant for every single player. If you’re either a completionist, or indeed somebody that really cares about how their farm looks and feels, then you’re likely to want some fruit trees present in your fields. However, we also accept that they’re not really the most profitable venture available, so those simply shooting for the end game and money may want to look elsewhere. 

We’re firm believers in experiencing Stardew Valley and optimising in its entirety, so having trees present in your farm just makes sense. At the end of the day, it’s something that almost all players should certainly experience, however if you’re worried about early game costs, why not simply leave it until a little later, in year 2 or such? 

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