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How To Unlock The Calico Desert | Stardew Valley

Getting yourself to the Calico Desert in Stardew Valley is a critical point in your progression through the game. This is the gateway to a great deal of late and end game content, and is home to a variety of Artifacts, Shops and the dangerous but bountiful Skull Caverns. Now, we’re not advocating for players to rush on their way there, but if you can tailor your experience to completing one of the following two goals, you’ll be well on your way to discovering one of the best sections that the game has to offer.

Jojamart Route

Joja Community Development Projects, Stardew Valley

For those unaware, Stardew Valley can be experienced in one of two main ways. Once the Community Centre is revealed, which can be found by taking a bus into town on a non-rainy day after the 5th of Spring, the player will be presented with a choice; either purchase a Jojamart membership from Morris for 5,000g, or explore the process of restoring the Community Centre itself.

Should you take the former option, which many refer to as the ‘corporate’ choice, then you will be able to repair the Bus by paying for it via the Community Development form. Each of the development options cost a great deal of gold, with the Bus repair being 40,000g! Once done however, Joja employees will repair the Bus overnight, allowing you to travel to the Calico Desert!

Unlock Route Summary

  • View the Community Centre scene, by travelling into town via the Bus between 8am and 1pm, on a non-rainy day.
  • Choose to purchase a Jojamart membership from Morris for 5,000g.
  • This turns the Community Centre into a Jojamart.
  • Return there, and you will be able to purchase upgrades from the Community Development form, from which you can repair the Bus for 40,000g.
  • The repaired Bus will take you to the Calico Desert!
  • This tends to be the quickest route to unlock the Desert, albeit stained with capitalist tendencies.
  • This is the quickest way to unlock the Calico Desert.


Community Centre Route

Vault Bundles, Stardew Valley

For those that choose not to sell out to the corporate greed of Joja, then your route is likely to take a fair bit longer. The initial steps are the same, which is to view the scene that displays the Community Centre by taking the Bus into town after the 5th, on a non-rainy day. Upon having done so, rather than purchasing a scummy and heartless membership, you must examine the strange writing within the centre. Having done so, you will receive some mail from the Wizard, who will help you understand said writing. Upon your return, the writing can be understood, and you’ll subsequently be able to repair the various sections within the building.

To do this, you will need to complete what are known as Community Centre bundles, which require certain items to be found and submitted as part of the package. Once these are completed, the Vault within the centre will open up. Here, 4 further bundles must be completed, albeit simply for gold, and the completion of these will see the Bus be automatically repaired overnight, allowing travel to Calico Desert! This all might sound exhausting, but the process actually flows quite well as you progress through the game, and will see you arrive at the desert at around the right time!

Unlock Route Summary

  • View the Community Centre scene, by travelling into town via the Bus between 8am and 1pm, on a non-rainy day.
  • Within the craft room, view the illegible writing.
  • The next day you will receive a letter from the Wizard.
  • The writing can now be read, and you’ll be able to repair the Community Centre by completing 4 bundles.
  • Once these 4 bundles are complete, the Vault will be unlocked.
  • Within the Vault you can complete further bundles, which simply cost gold to unlock.
  • Upon all 4 Vault bundles being complete, which will cost 42,500g in total, the Bus will be repaired, allowing travel to the Calico Desert!
  • This is the slowest way to unlock the Desert, however this route in particular does ensure that your heart isn’t replaced by a dollar bill.

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