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The 4 Easiest Energy Foods To Use | Stardew Valley

Whilst it might feature a hard limit on what can be achieved in a day, Stardew Valley’s main limiting factor is the energy remaining on your character. Should this little green bar become empty then the day is lost, and you’ll find yourself waking up in bed the following morning, we assume with some sort of hangover. Thankfully, the game has a solution for those looking to stretch the day, being foods and drinks that restore this crucial resource. Yet, with so many recipes and concoctions on offer, which of these are the easiest to amass?

4. Rice Pudding

Rice Pudding, Stardew Valley
  • Restores 115 Energy and 51 Health.

Whilst it might sound difficult, mainly because of the 7 heart requirement with Evelyn to unlock, once you have done so Rice Pudding becomes one of the easiest energy foods to maintain. Not only do you have the option to purchase two of the three ingredients from Pierre, those being Rice and Sugar, but you can also make these yourself using a Mill, via Unmilled Rice and Beets respectively. The third ingredient is Milk, and any normal amount of farming should make this very easy to obtain.

Ease In Short

  • Milk, which is one of the three ingredients in Rice Pudding, is easy to get through farming and holding livestock.
  • The next two – Sugar and Rice – can be bought from Pierre, or crafted yourself through the usage of a Mill.
  • The recipe requires 7 hearts with Evelyn, which can be a bit time consuming, but the resultant recipe is worth it thanks to ease of production.


3. Sashimi

Sashimi, Stardew Valley
  • Restores 75 Energy and 33 health.

Now, those numbers up there may seem rather paltry, and by comparison to some other energy foods we’d certainly agree, however it’s the amazingly easy production of Sashimi that brings it to our list. You will need to get your friendship with Linus to 3 hearts for the recipe, however the recipe itself literally requires one of any fish! This counts for any type of fish, crab pot or otherwise, so you can potentially create it en masse. One word of warning however, is that you can very easily find yourself accidentally turning valuable fish into Sashimi whilst crafting, so be careful.

Ease In Short

  • Very simple recipe that can use any type of fish to make a portion.
  • Requires 3 hearts with Linus to unlock, which is easy to accomplish through gifting.
  • Any fish will work, even those in crab pots, so you can leave them gathering and create a bumper crop of Sashimi to keep you going!
  • Take care not to mash valuable fish into Sashimi by accident…

2. Salad

Salad, Stardew Valley
  • Restores 113 Energy and 50 Health.

Clearly, Salad was designed for the foragers out there, needing as it does in it’s recipe both Leeks and Dandelions along with Vinegar. Likely you’ll gather plenty of these two, and once you get 3 hearts or more with Emily, the recipe shall wing it’s way over to you in the post. Now the numbers aren’t too high, however it’s worth noting that you can simply buy the Salad from The Stardrop Saloon for 220g, meaning you can potentially stockpile a huge amount. Technically speaking, purchasing Vinegar for 200g and using your own Leeks and Dandelions is cheaper, however we wouldn’t blame you for simply grabbing a load from the Saloon.

Ease In Short

  • Can be purchased from the Stardrop Saloon for 220g each.
  • Alternatively, craft it yourself with Leek and Dandelions that you find whilst Foraging in the Spring. To complete these you will need to purchase Vinegar, which is 200g and found in Pierre’s shop.
  • To unlock the recipe you will need to raise friendship with Emily to 3 hearts.


1. Cheese

Cheese, Stardew Valley
  • (Normal) Restores 125 Energy and 56 Health.
  • (Gold) Restores 225 Energy and 101 Health.

It might seem simple, but sometimes such things are the best. In this regard, we consider Cheese to be by far the best and easiest form of energy restoring food in Stardew Valley. By simply using Milk, something you’ll no doubt get a great deal of whilst tending for animals on our farm, you can create the very best energy food available. It’s normal value of 125 energy restoration is great, but by working friendship up with a cow you can often be rewarded with Large Milk, which when applied to a Cheese Press will automatically produce gold quality cheese, which restores a massive 225 energy!

Ease In Short

  • No recipe is required for the creation of Cheese.
  • A Cheese Press is required, which can then be loaded up with Milk or Large Milk. 
  • The latter makes gold quality cheese, which restores a huge 225 Energy.

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