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4 Ideal Crab Pot Locations | Stardew Valley

Within the Fishing skill of Stardew Valley, there exist two possible methods for gathering various loot; manually fishing by use of a rod, which requires that you stand waterside and complete a mini game, or the utilising of Crab Pots, which can be placed in zones of water and left to capture loot alone. In a previous article of ours, we’ve identified that leaning your profession towards the Fishing side of the equation is better, however that doesn’t mean the Crab Pots should be ignored, after all they’re a great way to gather whilst you head off and do other things. That being said, the placing of Crab Pots will require a little thought, especially if you’re hunting certain types of aquatic life, so we’ve compiled a little list of our favourite locations and accompanied them with some reasons for our decisions.

Regular Farm

Regular Farm, Stardew Valley

Sure, it might sound simple, but you’d be surprised just how many Stardew players don’t realise that you can put a Crab Pot directly on your base farm. Laying one of these in a pond or such will allow you to gather some basic creatures, and despite fishing being our favoured choice for a profession, it’s certainly worth setting some of these up. Not only are the creatures used in the Crab Pot bundle, which can be used as part of the Fish Tank unlock, but the creatures that they capture can be used to create some excellent foods. It may only have access to Freshwater catch, which restricts it to Crayfish, Snails, Periwinkles and the usual assortment of trash, but having it closer to home means you’ll never have to travel far to reap your rewards.

Pot Location Benefits

  • Well, it’s right there on your farm! As such, they’re very easy to upkeep, given that you’ll regularly return home.
  • Placed within a regular farm Pond or water, you can capture Freshwater fish, which comprise of Crayfish, Snails and Periwinkles. 
  • Fish captured on a non-beach farm are sometimes worth less gold, however it’s worth noting that they can still be used in any food recipe that calls for ‘Any Fish’, like Sashimi. 
  • Snails, which are only captured through the freshwater method, are the only way to make the excellent Escargot food.
  • This location will, like any other, often gather ‘trash’ items that can be recycled.
  • Note that a Beach Farm will act differently, and is detailed below.


Beach Farm & The Beach

The Beach, Stardew Valley

The other natural choice for those that enjoy using Crab Pots, is the Beach Farm. Given that this is essentially built upon a beach, it has access to the creatures that you would otherwise have to travel to the beach to access. There are some disadvantages, the main one being that we would consider this type of farm slightly more advanced due to the available building space, but it’s an excellent way to gain access to more of the Ocean fish, which can only be captured via the Beach, farm or otherwise. This does mean that access to the Freshwater creatures is limited, however there are plenty of choices for normal water dotted all over Stardew Valley, so this shouldn’t be an issue at all.

For those simply seeking the catch without taking the plunge on the whole farm, then you’ll need to travel and set up Crab Pots at the beach itself. This is obviously less efficient than taking on the farm, however it can be made easier with a clever setup. We like to set the pots up around the deck as shown in the image above, making it easier to collect your catch. 

Pot Location Benefits

  • Note that, on the Beach itself, by placing them either side of the deck, for ease of collection. These are also quite close to the shop, should you gather any unwanted loot!
  • Beach Farm Crab Pots will act like those placed directly in the sea at any other location. They catch what are known as ‘Ocean’ fish. Which are exclusive to both the Beach Farm, or the Beach itself with any other base farm type.
  • Available here are the following exclusive catches; Shrimp, Oyster, Lobster, Crab, Clam, Cockle and Mussel.
  • Similar to the above, if you use a beach farm at home then you can place your storage and worms nearby.
  • Should you choose the Beach Farm, then the benefits are that you’ll have these types of catches available from your home base, and as such they’re very easy to access.
  • By extension, you can also set your Crab Pot down at the Beach, even without the farm. 
  • It’s worth noting that Crab Pots set here will not be available when the Night Market comes to town, but they will appear once again when the event ends.


Cindersap Forest

Cindersap Forest, Stardew Valley

This final location could very well be any other body of water that you might find outside of the Beach. Technically the Mountains can be used to the same effect, though we’d argue that you’ll visit there less frequently than the Cindersap Forest. That said, this is rather the point of laying Crab Pots down in the Woods, because you’ll often travel through here when seeking the travelling merchant, heading to the Secret Woods or even just dashing around gathering Wood. It’s even possible to lay them in the Sewers, which despite it’s obvious content will still somehow produce Freshwater creatures. Be aware however that this does not include the Mines, which will cause your Crab Pot to be lost once you leave and return.

Pot Location Benefits

  • Crab Pots can be placed in the pond as shown.
  • These are ideal for those that often traverse the Cindersap Forest, either for visiting the travelling merchant, or heading off to the Secret Woods.
  • This is another location that will gather Freshwater creatures, which are Crayfish, Snails and Periwinkles. 
  • Sometimes it feels great to have ‘passive income’ working in multiple areas, such as this combined with your own farm.
  • This can also be repeated in other areas like the Mountains, though it’s worth bearing in mind that these will also be Freshwater catch. 
  • Similarly, even the Sewers can be used, however be wary of setting these down in the Mines – they’ll disappear once you leave, never to return.

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