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How To Reset Your Professions | Stardew Valley

Role playing games have always gone hand in hand with professions. Often they go by different names, like Talents or Skill Trees, but they’re a staple of the genre, allowing players to customise their path by making meaningful choices. Stardew Valley is no different, and whilst you’re not going to find vast and sprawling choice paths, each profession has a series of choices that meaningfully change the way they work. Thankfully, unlike some of the more infuriating

Resetting Professions

Statue of Uncertainty, Stardew Valley

In order to reset a profession, the following steps must be completed:

  • Donate 60 items to the Museum to get the Rusty Key.
  • Head south of Pelican Town to locate a Sewer cover. Alternatively these can be accessed via a grate at the southern end of Cindersap Forest.
  • Open the Sewers with the Rusty Key.
  • Locate the Statue Of Uncertainty, which looks a bit like a dog between two pots.
  • Donate 10,000g.
  • Choose the skill that you would like to reset.
  • Once the day is finished and you head to bed, you will be given the level 5 and level 10 options for the skill that you have chosen to reset.

It is only possible to reset one profession at a time and it’s not exactly cheap, so it’s worth planning out your skill choices in advance where possible. Some of these are more useful than others depending on your current progression, or indeed goal. One example of this would be Foraging, where you can choose to focus either on Wood and Tree based improvements, or those linked with the actual foraging of items from the ground. We’d argue that the latter will always have a great deal of use, no matter your progression stage, however Wood and Hardwood requirements are more paramount when building upgrades are on your agenda, so switching at this point would make a great deal of sense. Similarly, it’s worth switching your Mining skill to Blacksmith (level 10) during the end game, because at this point you are likely to have plenty of Iridium bars, which sell for 1,000 gold – adding 50% to this is a great bonus!


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