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Stardew Valley is filled to the brim with events, festivals and competitions to take part in, all designed to entertain you on your farming journey. Most of these require very little of the player; you turn up, speak to some familiar faces, buy some unusual loot and return to your daily life a little more enriched than when you began. Others can have an additional layer of interaction; fishing in an unusual spot for example, or like the subject of our article today, partaking in a treasure hunt of sorts.

The Egg Hunt takes place during the Egg Festival, which is the first event available in Stardew, taking place on 13th of Spring. It’s located in the Town Square, where you’ll find that villagers have dialogue changes, a temporary shop with unusual wares has been opened by Pierre, and speaking to Lewis will grant access to our topic of discussion today: The Egg Hunt. This is a treasure hunt of sorts that takes place around the town, for which a prize is awarded to the winner.

Egg Hunt, Stardew Valley

Winning the Egg Hunt

In order to win the Egg Hunt you must gather more Eggs than Abigail. These can be found in countless places around town, but it should first be noted that when playing in a single player environment Abigail will always gather 8 Eggs, meaning that you’ll need 9 to succeed. It’s possible to gather even more than this, however there are no rewards for going further, so we recommend that you simply get to 9 and stop.

For a quick victory, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • Firstly, head south & east as soon as the whistle blows and go to the Stardrop Saloon. You’ll find 1 Egg just to the south of the Saloon and another 1 Egg hidden in the bush to the north east. 
  • Next, continue to head south until you reach the Graveyard. You’ll find 4 eggs here; 1 in on the pathway as you head there, 1 near the middle gravestone, 1 near the tree to the south east and 1 in the bush to the west.
  • Head south next and pick up 1 Egg near the river and 1 behind the fence at the Sewer. 
  • Finally, head west to find the ninth and final Egg between the two houses.
  • If you are struggling, try using this excellent picture created by ArtfulMishap on the Stardew Valley Wiki.

As you can see in the linked picture, there are actually multiple ways to win the Egg Hunt, however by taking these steps you’ll find the largest collection – mainly around the Graveyard – and be able to complete the Hunt in super quick time. For being victorious in the Egg Hunt you’ll be rewarded with a Straw Hat, and whilst it doesn’t do much for your statistics, you can use it to mimic the full ol’ farmer style!


Straw Hat, Egg Hunt Prize, Stardew Valley
Here we are, sporting our victorious Straw Hat!

Key Egg Festival Info

  • The Egg Festival takes place on the 13th of Spring every year.
  • Our guide above is just one of many ways that you can win the Egg Hunt.
  • Winning the Egg Hunt will net you the Straw Hat as a prize.
  • Subsequent victories will net you 1,000g each time.
  • Buffs will not work during the Egg Hunt, so do not waste good food!
  • The shop at the Festival is the only place to get some cool decoration items.
  • Beware, the Festival will end immediately after the Hunt is finished!

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