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The 5 Best Almighty Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Unique in their absence of immunity, the Almighty series of spells are tremendously powerful in Persona 5 Royal. In fact, this particular spell type started out life in Shin Megami Tensei 2, where they dealt large amounts of physical damage to all enemies, for the most part. Since then the spells have evolved to include a variety of status effects, instant kills and drains, all whilst retaining their ability to deal big damage. In Persona 5 Royal specifically, they’re often used to damage enemies that are otherwise immune to spell damage or lacking in a specific weakness. It’s also home to the largest selection of Almighty skills in the series to date, but where can you find these powerful spells, and which of the Persona that house them are worth your time…?

Persona #5: Thoth

Almighty Persona Thoth, Persona 5 Royal

Thoth returns to rightfully take his place on another of our lists, this time for his Almighty prowess. Players familiar with the fourth palace will likely recognise this Persona, thanks to it being a regular enemy contained within. Either through capturing it here or fusion, we’d recommend you get your hands on Thoth if you want to experience some early Almighty power. It’s not exactly loaded with skills, but as you can see above, it will soon learn a powerful skill…

The skill in question is Megido, which is the medium Almighty group attack. Technically speaking, there are some earlier Almighty skills available in P5R – Life Drain for example, is a very early skill – but the really meaty damaging spells start with Megido, and Thoth is not only the earliest, but also the only Persona that learns this spell. It may not have access to anything else Almighty based, it does also come with the earliest possible access to the Concentrate skill. Both of these facts make Thoth an essential Persona that every player should grab at their earliest opportunity!

Almighty Highlights

  • Learns the medium Almighty group attack, Megido, at level 37.
  • Gains access to Concentrate at level 40.
  • High magic statistic and the above abilities make Thoth the ideal candidate for loading up powerful spells via skill cards.


Persona #4: Skadi

Almighty Persona Skadi, Persona 5 Royal

Once again the mid game Persona with a massive magic statistic and no innate weaknesses makes a return: Skadi! It’s hard to put into words just how much we love this Persona, though we must reiterate that our experience taking it on in battle was a pain – Skadi frequents palace number 6 as a ‘red’ enemy, at least to a normally levelled party, and that lack of weakness and ailment-filled skill list can be annoying as all hell to take on. Still, be it by defeat in battle or fusion in the Velvet Room, you’re going to want to grab one of these.

Much like our recommendation in the Ailment Persona list, the main benefit to Skadi is a combination between an Almighty skill and others in it’s kit. The skill in question is Ghastly Wail, learned at level 54, which instantly kills any enemy that is currently suffering with the Fear ailment. Conveniently, Skadi also comes with the Evil Smile skill, which has a medium chance to inflict Fear on all targets, and Fear Boost to increase the chances of it landing! Combined this makes for an excellent method of removing annoying random battles, specifically against those with little to no weaknesses to be exploit. Good ol’ Skadi even learns Spirit Drain at level 58, which drains SP from the target, bonus!

Almighty Highlights

  • Learns Ghastly Wail at level 54, which instantly kills enemies suffering the Fear Ailment.
  • Has the Evil Smile skill, which has a medium chance to inflict all enemies with Fear.
  • Also has the Fear Boost skill, increasing the chance to inflict Fear!
  • Learns Spirit Drain at level 58, whcih drains SP from the target!
  • As an aside, you can Electric Chair Skadi into the Snow Queen’s Whip, a powerful weapon for Ann.

Persona #3: Loa

Almighty Persona Loa, Persona 5 Royal

Alright, so it turns out that this Almighty list is actually turning into an all time favourites list of ours. Both Thoth and Skadi are two Persona that we love, and we’re about to add another from our list: Loa. Much like the other two, we like this Persona because it feels so individual – nothing else in your compendium will do what Loa can do. Sure, you’re going to have to wait until the third semester to add it to your stock, but it’s such a unique proposition that you absolutely must when you get there.

Said uniqueness can be surmised simply by the description of it’s trait, Draining Mouth, which doubles the effectiveness of skills that absorb. It doesn’t take a genius to determine the direction in which it’s Almighty skills skew now does it? Loa comes with equipped with the Life Drain skill, and learns the Spirit Drain skill at level 74, which drains SP as oppose to HP. Look, we’re not about to tell you that this is tremendously powerful, but it does make for an interesting change to battles in P5R, and when you combine these skills with the Fortify Spirit passive it learns at level 75, which reduces susceptibility to status ailments, it can make for a hilariously survivable Joker.

Almighty Highlights

  • Comes with the Draining Mouth trait, which doubles drain effects.
  • Has the Life Drain skill, which absorbs health from the target.
  • Learns the Spirit Drain skill at level 74, which absorbs SP from the target.
  • As a bonus, it learns the Fortify Spirit passive at level 75, which reduces susceptibility to status ailments.


Persona #2: Mot

Almighty Persona Mot, Persona 5 Royal

Alright so Skadi was a bit of an unusual recommendation, skewing toward ailment abuse rather than anything truly Almighty, so let’s get back down to business shall we? Mot is our next recommendation, and whilst we recognise that the gap between the two is a little bit of a pain, it’s very much worthwhile. Interestingly enough, you’ll battle a version of Mot in the fourth palace, but you’ll have to wait until you reach the ‘Royal’ sections of P5 before you can capture one. Of course, you can just fuse it a little earlier should you wish to do so, and once you’ve heard about it’s unique skill and trait combination, you’ll certainly want to do so.

Firstly, Mot comes with the Mighty Gaze trait, which increases group target magic by 20%. To take advantage of this you’re surely going to want some powerful group attacks right? Good thing Mot also has access to both Megidola and Megidolaon, the heavy and severe group Almighty attacks! The latter is learned at level 76, but en route at level 74 Mot will also learn the Concentrate skill! It’s fair to say that this Persona is likely to do more group Almighty damage than almost anything else in the game. Beast!

Almighty Highlights

  • Has the Mighty Gaze trait, increasing group target magic by 20%.
  • Comes with Megidola, the heavy group Almighty spell.
  • Learns Megidolaon at level 76, the severe group Almighty spell.
  • Also learns Concentrate at level 74, which is a nice bonus!

Persona #1: Lucifer

Almighty Persona Lucifer, Persona 5 Royal

Our final recommendation comes with a bit of an asterisk: Lucifer is part of the elite, ‘best of the best’ type of Persona that precious few players will ever fuse. Oh sure, there are those that can only be fused once you complete a social link, but the commitment required is often commensurate to the power that they bestow. Such things aren’t really true with the absolute peak, most difficult to obtain Persona. Lucifer, along with Satan, Satanael etc, really aren’t necessary. You do not require these to complete any portion of Persona 5 Royal, rather they function almost like a ‘reward’ for those willing to go the extra mile. That being said, should you want to get your hands on the absolute pinnacle of Almighty Persona outside of DLC, then look no further.

There really aren’t too many highlights, at least in terms of a ‘base’ build. Lucifer comes with the Allure of Wisdom trait, which reduces the costs of all magic skills by 75%. This is a good start, and it’s improved even further when you reach level 95, because it will learn the Spell Master passive, which halves the SP cost of spells. To finally bring us back to the subject at hand, Lucifer will learn Morning Star at level 95, a severe group Almighty attack that is unique to this Persona alone. What remains is a blank canvas, ready for you to load up with spells, almighty or otherwise, to spam to your hearts content.

Almighty Highlights

  • The only Persona that learns the Morning Star spell, a unique severe Almighty attack.
  • Comes with the Allure of Wisdom trait, reducing all magic spell costs by 75%.
  • Learns the Spell Master passive at level 95, halving SP costs for magic spells (yes it stacks).
  • Either load it up with your favourite end game spells, or just go hog wild spamming Morning Star on random battles!


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