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The 5 Best Ailment Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Inflicting ailments on your opponents is a key part of any Persona game. Whether it’s making them fall asleep and rendering them functionally useless until awoken, or making them fume with rage to disable their spell casting ability, they all serve a purpose. The majority of the time these spells are reserved for those most annoying of opponents that do not have any active spell weakness. Each dungeon seems to house one or two of these, and they can be a pain to deal with, often leading to a war of attrition that grinds slowly towards a dawdling victory screen. Thankfully these can be avoided thanks to the humble ailment spell and their ability to activate technical attacks. Unlike regular Persona however, they don’t tend to really undergo any ‘scaling’ of sorts as the game progresses, so as you read through our list of 5 recommendations below, you may note that they don’t extend into the very late game.

Persona #5: Succubus

Persona 5 Royal, Succubus Persona

The Succubus Persona, paired with our early Ice recommendation Silky, is probably the lowest level Persona that we’ve chosen for our lists. At a humble level 7, it’s a Persona that you’ll find in the upper levels of the first palace and depending on your level at the time, you may find yourself on the receiving end of it’s abilities before you manage to grab it. Still, it’s much easier to just capture it yourself at this time, though it’s not impossible to fuse it at around this point too.

It’s benefits are focused on a single ailment: Sleep. It comes equipped with the Dormina spell, which has a high chance to send your opponent to sleep. At this point you’re probably thinking that Ann also has access to this spell, and you would be correct, however once you level Succubus up to level 11 you’ll gain access to Sleep Boost, increasing your odds of sending the target to sleep! Any attack counts as a Technical on a sleeping opponent, so take advantage of this, especially on higher difficulty levels!

Ailment Highlights

  • Comes with the Dormina spell, which has a high chance to send an opponent to sleep.
  • Learns Sleep Boost at level 11, increasing the chance to land a sleep!
  • A sleeping opponent is an automatic Technical attack!


Persona #4: Koppa Tengu

Persona 5 Royal, Koppa Tengu Persona

We’ll be honest, we completely slept on this bad boy during our first few P5R runs. Like many we initially saw the single target wind spell Garu, the single target agility buff Sukukaja and the Intense Focus trait and thought… Meh. Little did we know that should you dig a little further and give Koppa Tengu a few levels, it becomes one of the absolute best early game ailment Persona we’ve ever managed to find.

Firstly we must explain Rage. This ailment will double the attack power of those inflicted, however they are only able to do basic auto attacks and their defence, evasion and accuracy are all reduced by 50%. Needless to say you can make good use of this against some of the more annoying spell casters in the game. That being the case, Koppa Tengu learns the Taunt spell at level 13 which has a high chance of inflicting Rage to a single target, the Wage War spell at level 15 which has a medium chance of inflicting Rage on all opponents, and learns Rage boost at level 14!

This thing is an incredible Rage ailment Persona that is incredibly useful, especially on higher difficulty levels!

Ailment Highlights

  • Leanrs the Taunt spell at level 13, which has high odds of inflicting Rage on a single target.
  • Will learn the Wage War spell at level 15, which has medium odds of inflicting Rage on all opponents.
  • Also learns Rage Boost at level 14!

Persona #3: Black Ooze

Persona 5 Royal, Black Ooze Persona

Some of the readers out there may have seen the Black Ooze coming, but the sheer amount of ailments that this thing has on offer means that it was an absolute must for this article. It’s pretty unusual for us to pick out three Persona that are so close to each other in levels too, but it’s worth remembering that a high chance to inflict any ailment is always a high chance, regardless of your level.

If you have read through our other lists, be it elemental or physical etc. You’ll have noted that we tend to have a second paragraph here where we convince you to grab this thing due to it’s skills, passives or statistical benefits. Well, the sheer amount of ailments on offer with Black Ooze would stretch our meagre writing skills and knowledge of superlatives to the absolute limit. That being said, we’ll just direct you to the highlights below and encourage you to grab one and go wild!

Ailment Highlights

  • At base level it has the Sledgehammer physical attack, which has a medium chance to inflict Dizzy.
  • At base level it has the Evil Touch spell, which has a high chance to inflict Fear.
  • At base level it has the Foul Breath spell, which whilst technically being Almighty in nature, increases the chance to inflict ailments to the target (not that useful to be honest).
  • Learns Ambient Aid at level 20, which greatly increases ailment success rates during rainy days or weather warnings.
  • Learns the Headbutt physical attack at level 21, which has medium odds of inflicting Forget to one enemy.
  • Learns Brain Jack at level 23, which has a medium chance to Brainwash all enemies.
  • Learns Flash Bomb at level 24, a physical attack to all enemies that also has a medium chance to inflict Dizzy.
  • !!!


Persona #2: Skadi

Persona 5 Royal, Skadi Persona

How cool is this Persona design, seriously. Anyway, looks aside Skadi is a fantastic Persona and one of our all time favourites in the series as a whole. Not only does it have a fantastic spell selection, but it has such a massive magic statistic that you’ll be able to keep it by your side throughout the entirety of the late game. We’ll admit to also taking not an insignificant amount of pleasure from keeping it in our party, if only to remind ourselves of triumphing over it on multiple occasions in Palace six…

To business then, and our reasons for bringing it to our article today: Three abilities… One of which is an Almighty spell… Just stick with us here alright. First of all Skadi has the Evil Smile ability, which has a medium chance of inflicting Fear on all enemies. It pairs this with the Fear Boost skill, which as you might imagine boosts the success rate of fear. Completing it’s skill set and indeed completing our reasons for choosing Skadi is the Ghastly Wail almighty skill – learnt at level 54, this skill instantly kills any foe that is currently suffering with the Fear ailment. You don’t need us to tell you what to do with these three spells, just enjoy!

Ailment Highlights

  • Comes with the Evil Smile ability, which has a medium chance to inflict Fear on all enemies.
  • Also comes with Fear Boost, which increases the chance you inflicting Fear.
  • Learns Ghastly Wail at level 54, which instantly kills enemies afflicted with Fear!

Persona #1: Titania

Persona 5 Royal, Titania Persona

Dear lord, you’re thinking, this remarkably handsome and talented writer has totally lost his mind, Titania merely possesses a single ailment spell and yet this poor fool has deigned to recommend her at the top of his list! Well stick with us here, because this particular Persona may just turn out to be one of the most important in your collection. Thanks once again to the universal success rates of ailments, Titania’s relatively low level won’t cause a problem either.

So what exactly is this single ailment spell that earns our recommendation? Well, Titania does have a great selection of spells, the highlights of which would have to be Mediarahan, Nuke Amp, Concentrate and the ailment spell Lullaby, but none of these are really important. It turns out that the absolute best part of Titania is it’s trait, Foul Stench, which increases the chance of inflicting status ailments. All status ailments. Thanks to this and your ability to find or make every ailment skill card with ease, you now have our choice for the last ailment Persona you will ever need. You’re welcome, world.

Ailment Highlights

  • Comes with the Foul Stench trait, increasing the chance to inflict all status ailments.
  • Yes, that is all status ailments.
  • Actually has some good spells, including Concentrate, Mediarahan and Nuke Amp paired with Freidyne.
  • Load it up with your favourite ailment skill cards and go wild.


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