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Next up in our P5R Persona breakdown is the Curse type. This particular spell type behaves similarly to the Bless types we wrote about previously: It’s spells top out at the ‘Heavy’ type too, but it’s supported by a selection of instant death attacks. Once again we’ll lament the usefulness of said instant death attacks – they really aren’t very good – but in the case of the Curse type of Persona, there is one exception that stands out in the crowd, in the form of a fan favourite late game Persona. Either way, there can be no argument that the spell type is just as useful as any other, so let’s get down to recommending 5 of the best throughout ‘Royal shall we?

Persona #5: Onmoraki

Persona 5 Royal, Curse Persona, Onmoraki

Once again our first Persona of choice comes to you around the end of the first palace, and the beginning of the second. In fact, you’ll be able to battle this one specifically in the second palace, should you decide not to fuse it. We’ve chosen one of such a level because Joker has access to Arsene in the very early portions of the game, so it’s unlikely to be necessary at first. By the time you reach this level however, you’ll find yourself looking for something that packs a little more punch, and for this reason we’ve chosen Onmoraki.

It’s not exactly a picnic hamper full of tasty Curse type treats at this early stage, but you do get continued access to the single target spell Eiha. Paired with this is the Intense Focus trait, which increases single target magic damage by 20%. We’re aware that these two alone aren’t exactly world beaters, but when you combine these with a very high Magic stat for it’s level, Onmoraki will hit much harder than Arsene and has much more options for fusing onwards.

Curse Highlights

  • Comes with the single target Curse spell, Eiha.
  • Has the Intense Focus trait, increasing single target spell damage by 20%.
  • High Magic stat will ensure your spells do even more damage.


Persona #4: Nue

Persona 5 Royal, Curse Persona, Nue

Things finally start to get moving for the Curse spells as you approach the level 20 mark, and in particular the Nue Persona. Depending on your enjoyment of grinding and fusion, you’ll likely manage to get your hands on this bad boy around the mid-to-end point of the second palace. Tradition around this level is to begin to unlock some powerful group attacks, and Nue certainly fits the bill, albeit with one or two drawbacks.

The first of these drawbacks is the lack of a single target Curse spell. Fusion can overcome this of course, though not directly from Onmoraki unfortunately. The situation is worsened too by Nue’s rather annoying statistical spread – sure, we’re all for high Strength and Endurance, but we’re trying to cast spells here dammit. Happily this is all balanced out by it’s knowledge of the base group Curse attack Maeiha, with pairs wonderfully with it’s Mighty Gaze trait, which increases All-target magic damage by 20%, and it’s Curse Boost passive that increases Curse damage by 25%! It even comes with the single and group target, base instant death Curse attacks, Mudo and Mamudo. Bonus!

Curse Highlights

  • Has the group Curse spell, Maeiha.
  • Has the Mighty Gaze trait, increasing All-target spell damage by 20%.
  • Learns Curse Boost, increasing Curse damage by 25%.
  • Comes with the single target, basic instant death Curse spell, Mudo.
  • Comes with the group target, basic instant death Curse spell, Mamudo.

Persona #3: Pazuzu

Persona 5 Royal, Curse Persona, Pazuzu

You’ll have to wait all the way until level 45 before you can get your hands on Pazuzu, meaning you’ll likely be motoring your way through the fifth palace before grabbing it. Once you get there however, we highly recommend that you grab yourself this bad boy. Until now we’ve been surviving on scraps and barely useful instant death attacks, so it’s nice to finally get your hands on a real star.

First up on the docket is Pazuzu’s trait, Cursed Bloodline, which reduces the cost of Curse spells by 50%. Good thing too, because it has access to the medium group Curse attack Maeiga, and the heavy single target Curse spell, Eigaon! It even comes with the medium instant death attack Mudoon. All of this combines to make Pazuzu the ideal Curse Persona to take with you en route to the late game.

Curse Highlights

  • Has the medium group Curse attack, Maeiga.
  • Learns the heavy single target Curse attack, Eigaon.
  • Comes with the medium single target instant death attack, Mudoon.
  • Reduces Curse spell cost by 50%, thanks to the Cursed Bloodline trait.


Persona #2: Belial

Persona 5 Royal, Curse Persona, Pazuzu

No doubt you will have noticed that our fourth choice is remarkably high in level compared to other spell lists. Relax, all will become clear when you see our final choice. Anyway, Belial is next in our curse list, and you’ll have to wait quite a while before grabbing it. The gap between Pazuzu and this is quite large, but if we’re honest there really weren’t too many stand our Persona in between, at least in terms of curse abilities that rival those of Belial.

This chap is an absolute curse monster. It comes with both the single and group target curse attacks, Eigaon and Maeigaon, and boosts their damage by 50% through the Curse Amp passive. Combine these two with a high Magic statistic and you’ll be dealing huge chunks of damage with each cast. Along with these Belial also learns the medium group instant death attack, Mamudoon, and the rather unusual Demonic Decree spell, which halves the remaining health of your target. The latter has limited uses, but it’s a nice cherry on the cursed top that pushes this Persona onto our list.

Curse Highlights

  • Has both single and group heavy curse attacks, Eigaon and Maeigaon.
  • Comes with the Curse Amp passive, increasing curse damage by 50%.
  • Learns Mamudoon, the medium group instant death curse attack.
  • Learns Demonic Decree at level 88, which halves your target’s remaining HP.

Persona #1: Alice

Persona 5 Royal, Curse Persona, Alice

If you’ve been following our series of spell type articles, you may have noticed that in the case of both Bless and Curse attacks we really aren’t a fan of the instant death type. They can work of course, but chances are that you’ve thrown away a turn that could be used on casting something infinitely more useful. Here, at this exact point in the end game, is where our recommendation finally meets it’s exception, in the Alice Persona.

Technically speaking Alice only has three curse abilities, two of which you will have seen plenty of by now. Those in question are the Mamudoon and Maeigaon spells, which are the medium instant death and heavy group spell respectively. Things start to get really interesting when you reach level 85, at which point Alice learns the Die For Me! Spell, which is one of the only abilities in the game that has a ‘High’ chance of instant death on a group of enemies, and features a swathe of killer teddy bears flying at your opponents! This is bolstered by the Mudo Boost passive which Alice comes with, and the Just Die trait, which reduces the cost of instant death skills to zero!

Curse Highlights

  • Access to Mamudoon, the medium instant death curse attack.
  • Has the Maeigaon spell, the heavy group curse spell.
  • Comes with Mudo Boost, increasing the chance for instant death spells to land.
  • Has the Just Die trait, reducing instant death SP costs to zero.
  • Learns the Die For Me! Spell at level 85, which has a high chance to instantly kill all opponents. Yes it actually lands reliably!


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