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The 5 Best Physical Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Nothing beats throwing physical skills at your enemy in Persona 5 Royal, in more than one way. Not only are they supremely satisfying and visceral in nature, but they’re also tremendously powerful, eclipsing their elemental, spell based brethren in raw damage terms as the game progresses. The Persona that house said skills tend to follow a similar mould; high strength, good endurance and agility, all of which lend themselves to hitting your opponent first and hitting them hard. Still, with such a huge amount of Persona on offer and limited time available to all but the most hardened of grinding madmen, how are you supposed to find the very best available? Well, one grinding madman has taken the time to pick out the 5 best physical Persona the game has to offer, sorted from early to late game for your perusal…

Persona #5: Berith

Persona 5 Royal, Berith Persona

The very first physical Persona that we recommend you get your hands on is one that is likely to be familiar to you, having no doubt battled it multiple times prior to it’s capture: Berith. At this early point in the game it’d be unreasonable to expect fireworks, but relative to it’s level this thing has some fantastic abilities. Cleave is the obvious attack, dealing a good amount of physical damage to your target, but it’s level 13 you’re shooting for, at which point it’ll learn Power Slash. This move is the first of the ‘medium’ damage single target attacks available, and it’ll do tremendous damage at such a low level. Combine this with the Tarukaja buff, which Berith also learns, and you’ll be dealing huge chunks of damage every round.

Physical Highlights

  • Comes with high physical oriented statistics.
  • Has the physical attack Cleave, and learns the medium Power Slash at level 13.
  • Also comes with a few buffs that will be useful early.


Persona #4: Setanta

Persona 5 Royal, Setanta Persona

Second on our list is a Persona that’s available a little further through P5R, likely towards the end of the second palace. Eagle eyed viewers will have spotted exactly why we’ve chosen this one, but let’s get into all of the benefits that this fantastic Persona, Setanta, comes equipped with. We should note at this point that this is one of the absolute best Persona, per level, we’ve ever found in a single Persona title, bar none.

Firstly, it’s selection of actual physical attacking skills is fantastic. Out of the box it comes equipped with Giant Slice, a medium single target attack, and Dormin Rush, which is a medium AOE physical attack. Both of these are very useful as you progress through the early-to-mid game, but in truth they’re just the start of Setanta’s benefits. Given some time and experience it will learn the frankly epic Charge skill, which causes the target’s next physical attack to hit for 2.5 times the damage! This is one of the best skills in the game, and it’s available at an incredibly early point. Needless to say you know what to do at this point: Use it and abuse it.

Were that not good enough, Setanta even comes with Rebellion, a critical boosting buff, and it will learn Rising Slash at level 30, one of the earliest possible Heavy physical attacks! Truly, this is one of the best Persona for a given level that we’ve ever found, and you need to fuse it as soon as you can.

Physical Highlights

  • Learns the Charge skill at level 27.
  • Comes with a great selection of physical attack skills.
  • Learns the Heavy physical skill, Rising Slash, at level 30.
  • At level 27 it learns the Charge skill.
  • Did we mention it learns Charge at level 27?

Persona #3: Valkyrie

Persona 5 Royal, Valkyrie Persona

You may note at that this Persona, Valkyrie, is quite a few levels ahead of our previous recommendation, Setanta. This is more of a reflection on the quality of Setanta than anything else, to the point where it took us this long to identify a worthy successor.

In a rather convenient coincidence, the first skill that you’ll note Valkyrie has is Rising Slash, so at least you’ll know what you’re getting at the base level, albeit with superior statistics here. Further, this Persona will learn the fantastic Deathbound AOE phyisical attack, which strikes all of your targets twice, accompanied by a rather satisfying animation. These are good starting points of course, but things get really interesting when it learns Attack Master at level 45, making Joker automatically start the battle with his attack buffed by Tarukaja. To top this all off, it’s trait means that you’ll do extra damage after a baton pass, so if you’ve been following along then the process should look something like this: Strike a weakness, baton pass to an automatically buffed Joker, use Deathbound on all targets and then say goodbye to random battles from now on.

Physical Highlights

  • Automatically buffs Joker’s attack.
  • Learns the epic Deathbound at level 46.
  • It’s trait makes it deal extra damage after a baton pass.
  • Also learns the group attack buff Matarukaja.


Persona #2: Kali

Persona 5 Royal, Kali Persona

We must admit, no Persona quite manages to communicate it’s intentions visually quite like Kali, our choice for the 4th physical Persona. Having six arms each equipped with a sword doesn’t exactly scream ‘spell caster’ now does it, despite the randomly increased Magic statistic we RNG’d our way into. Anyway, it’s pretty clear that Kali is going to be doing some significant physical damage, so let’s get into the how..

Well, the skill selection is fantastic for a start. Heat Wave and Bloodbath immediately deal with groups of opponents, with the latter also having the chance to inflict Fear to all opponents. Brave Blade, a heavy single target skill, is immediately usable, and levelling it to 68 will unlock the wildly powerful ‘severe’ AOE attack, Vorpal Blade. All of this is compounded when you realise that it too comes with the Charge skill, meaning you can power yourself up to do incredible amounts of damage alone.

Physical Highlights

  • This too comes with the Charge skill.
  • Has the fantastic single target physical skill, Brave Blade.
  • Comes with two ‘heavy’ AOE physical skills, Heat Wave and Bloodbath.
  • Learns the ‘Severe’ AOE physical attack, Vorpal Blade, at level 68.

Persona #1: Yoshitsune

Persona 5 Royal, Yoshitsune Persona

Ouch, is all we can think when we see this monster of a Persona, Yoshitsune. We’re thinking of the opponents there of course, and we’re mainly doing so because of a single ability, but ouch nonetheless. The problem is… It doesn’t actually have a great selection of abilities. Yes, this Persona comes with Charge, which we’ve established is a great skill, and out of the box it comes with Brave Blade, which deals tremendous damage to a single target. Other than this, seemingly, the cupboard is bare.

Until you reach level 94.

It’s at this point that Yoshitsune learns it’s unique ability, Hassou Tobi. Or to give it another name, the ability that hits all enemies 8 times in a row. Yes you read that right, EIGHT times to every single target. Powered up with the usual array of buffs, this thing will demolish absolutely anything you put in it’s way, bosses included. Nothing can approach the sheer amount of damage this thing puts out. The Persona itself doesn’t really come with much else, so we recommend you skill card anything you can to power it up with passives and such, all to power up this beautiful attack. Enjoy.

Physical Highlights

  • Comes with the ultimate physical attack, Hassou Tobi.
  • Great physically aligned statistics.
  • Comes with the Charge ability.
  • Hassou Tobi and more Hassou Tobi.


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