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The 5 Best Ice Persona | Persona 5 Royal

Freezing your opponents with Ice in Persona 5 Royal is one of the most satisfying moments in battle. When physical attacks are so powerful, having a frozen opponent ripe for a Technical attack is a recipe for massive damage. Besides which, isn’t it nice just to have an enemy that’s unable to hit back for a turn? As you progress through P5R and physical attacks gain in stature, you’re less likely to be able to use Yusuke for his Ice attacks alone, so grabbing a great selection with Joker is a must. That being the case, we’ve put together a short list of Ice Persona that we consider essential throughout the entirety of the game.

Persona #5: Silky

Persona 5 Royal, Silky Persona

As per, our first Ice Persona is the earliest that you can get your hands on in the game, Silky. Grabbing this one in the early portion of the first palace is actually quite critical, especially for one of the sub bosses that you’ll come up against as you progress. Outside of some fusion work, this is the only way that you’ll get your hands on the Bufu spell before you reach the latter portions of the palace, so it’s best to pick this one up at your earliest opportunity. Silky’s trait – Intense Focus – increases single target magic damage by 20% too, and when you combine this with her good magic statistic, you’ll be doing some good damage with those spells too.

Ice Highlights

  • The first Ice Persona available to capture, coming with the Bufu spell.
  • Can be captured early in the first palace.
  • Trait increases single target spell damage by 20%.
  • Can be fused with Berith to get the next Ice Persona, Jack Frost.


Persona #4: Jack Frost

Persona 5 Royal, Jack Frost Persona

We would be remiss not to say Hee Ho at this point really. Yes, second in our list is the mascot of the Shim Megami Tensei series, Jack Frost. Much like the Final Fantasy Moogle, references to this chap exist all over the SMT world, Persona included, and you’ll frequently find his face attached to store fronts, vending machines and even real world gaming merchandise. Throughout all of this his in game prowess has remained, and it’s this that we’re interested in today.

In Persona 5 Royal Jack Frost is a low level Ice Persona, but it’s one that we consider essential. It’s one of the earliest opportunities that you’ll have to get your hands on an AOE ice spell, Mabufu, which will come in very handy during the second palace. Further to this, if you get it to level 15 you’ll unlock Freeze Boost, which increases your chance of inflicting the Freeze ailment. Combined with Jack Frost’s trait – Frigid Bloodline – which causes your Ice spells to cost half SP, you’ll have a fantastic Ice Persona in your hands at a very early point in the game. Hee Ho indeed.

Ice Highlights

  • Frigid Bloodline trait halves the SP cost of Ice Spells.
  • Learns Mabufu at level 12, an AOE ice spell.
  • Learns Freeze Boost at level 15, increasing Freeze chance.
  • Great Agility means Joker will often take his turn first.

Persona #3: Lachesis

Persona 5 Royal, Lachesis Persona

Our next choice is Lachesis, which some might think is an unusual choice, but bear with us here. Yes, we’re aware that her trait – Internal Hypnosis – doesn’t do anything for her Ice abilities, rather increasing the lengths of buffs received, but her mid game Ice power exists elsewhere. Not only does she learn the powerful single and AOE target Ice spells, Bufula and Mabufula, but she also learns the passive Ice Boost, increasing their damage by 25%.

In our experience, the mid game portion of Persona 5 Royal – by which we mean palace 3 and 4 – isn’t a difficult section, but rather a section that requires you to deal with excessive random battles with groups of enemies. As such, where Lachesis lacks a great Ice based trait, she possesses plenty of raw Ice power to get you through. She’ll certainly have enough damage to keep you going through to the later portions, where things really get interesting for the Ice element.

Ice Highlights

  • Comes with both Bufula and Mabufula for single and AOE target spells.
  • Learns Ice Boost at level 41, buffing Ice spell damage by 25%.
  • Great magic and agility statistics.


Persona #2: King Frost

Persona 5 Royal, King Frost Persona

Now we’re talking. Things start to get really interesting for the Ice element in the late game, especially when you manage to fuse yourself a King Frost. Firstly, it’s worth noting that this is one of the first times that we’ve really enjoyed one of the ‘evolved’ forms of Jack Frost – yes they have been useful in prior games, but never felt quite as essential as the P5R King Frost. We’ve fused one In every single play through since discovering the sheer power it possesses.

Firstly, King Frost comes with a fantastic spell selection, bringing both Bufudyne and Mabufudyne to cover your single and group targeting requirements. This combined with the Frigid Bloodline trait, which halves the cost of ice spells, would be good enough reason to grab one, but it doesn’t stop there. Given a few levels, King Frost will learn both Freeze Boost and Ice Amp, increasing your freeze chances and damage respectively. Were this not enough, you’ll even learn the fantastic Concentrate spell, turning Joker into an Ice damage, enemy freezing beast.

Ice Highlights

  • Has both Bufudyne and Mabufudyne, for single and AOE target Ice spells.
  • Trait halves ice spell costs by half.
  • Learns Freeze Boost, increasing the chance of inflicting Freeze with Ice spells.
  • Learns Ice Amp, increasing Ice damage by 50%.
  • Also learns Concentrate, an incredible magic damage buff.
  • Low agility, but fantastic endurance means Joker can take a hit and keep going.

Persona #1: Alilat

Persona 5 Royal, Alilat Persona

You’d be forgiven for thinking that King Frost was the ultimate in Ice Persona, given it’s fantastic collection of spells and abilities, but you’d be wrong. That accolade belongs to Alilat, the absolute apex of Ice Persona. This thing takes all of the best parts of King Frost and turns them up to 11, but it’s not available for fusion until the third semester. All things considered, it’s probably for the best that this thing is locked off until then, because we suspect it’s sheer power would have been a little too much before that point.

Regardless, once you do manage to fuse it, you’ll have the most powerful Ice Persona available in P5R. This thing comes with the two most powerful Ice spells in the game – Diamond Dust and Ice Age – and comes with the absolute best passive skill selection to buff these two into the stratosphere. Not only does it come with Freeze Boost, but also Ice Amp and the Frigid Bloodline trait. All of this combines with a high magic stat to ensure that you’re hitting your target very hard for very little cost, and likely freezing them in place ready for a huge physical follow up.

Ice Highlights

  • Has access to both Diamond Dust and Ice Age, the strongest Ice spells in the game.
  • Learns Ice Amp, increasing ice damage by 50%.
  • Comes with Freeze Boost, increasing the chance to Freeze an enemy.
  • Has the Frigid Bloodline trait, reducing Ice spell costs by 50%.
  • Learns the spell damage buff, Concentrate.


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