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The 3 Best Early Lances | Monster Hunter World

We love the Monster Hunter Lance. It’s effectiveness may rise and fall, along with it’s position in our tier lists, but it firmly remains one of our absolute favourite pieces of bone or metal to swing at our targets. There is something so very satisfying about floating in and around the danger zone of a monster, positioning yourself centimetres from certain doom yet somehow feeling interminably safe, like an immovable object the monster just cannot shake. Perhaps it’s the element of control, or the satisfying ‘shunk’ noise of our thrusts, but either way it’s a weapon we just can’t get enough of. Anyway, let’s get into our Low Rank choices!

Lance #3: Garon Lance

Garon Lance, Monster Hunter World

First up in our Lance list is the Garon Lance. As you might imagine, this bad boy is primarily made of Odogaron parts, meaning you’ll have to fight the jumpy red dog quite a few times if you want to both craft and upgrade this. If we’re honest, we ended up loving the growling lad, but we understand that it can be quite intimidating at first. Stick to it though and you’ll end up being able to craft this weapon, along with some nice pieces of Low Rank armour, should you be looking for such.

Why the Garon Lance then? For a start, it doesn’t feature the best raw damage you can find, nor does it even come with an element or status out of the box. It does however, come with a good deal of critical chance, 15% in it’s first iteration to be exact, which may not sound like too much but with a weapon that hits as often as the Lance, it’s certainly worth it. Give it a few upgrades though, and this grows to 30% rather quickly, and can even peak at 35% should you keep your hands on it. Oh, and the sharpness is great too, and you can unlock a big chunk of Fire element later on too, for those early Iceborne monsters.

Early Features

  • OK raw damage.
  • 15% critical chance, upgrades to 30% very quickly.
  • Huge Fire element damage if you unlock it.


Lance #2: Blooming Lance

Blooming Lance, Monster Hunter World

From a Lance with no additional forms of damage, we move on to one of our favourite types: Poison. As you probably know by now, anything that hits more frequently will likely cause it’s status to build up quicker, which is why the Lance suits this type. There is something tremendously satisfying about hopping around a monster, peppering it with thrusts and inflicting it with damage over time. No doubt your target will want to relocate at some point, or at the very least create some distance between you and it, but seeing it slowly tick down with the Poison you inflicted whilst you prepare to set up your solid, spartan-esque formation once again is immensely satisfying.

The Blooming Lance then, is the only Low Rank choice for this type of Lance, and it does the job well. You’re not going to get the best sharpness out of this thing, you’ll be in green for quite a while, nor does it have the best raw damage for this point, but this thing is all about that Poison damage and that’s pretty much all you’re getting. Grab yourself one of these, bring it against those with a relative weakness – though even those without it will work – and you too can enjoy the gradual, painful attrition of your opponents.

Early Features

  • Middling raw damage.
  • Amazing Poison status Lance.
  • Will be stuck with green sharpness for a while.
  • Easy to craft and upgrade.
  • Eventually gains access to a good amount of slots and an alternative Water upgrade.


Lance #1: Defender Lance

Defender Lance, Monster Hunter World

DISCLAIMER: We don’t tend to enjoy advocating for the ‘Defender’ series of weapons and equipment. They’re objectively too powerful for the point at which you can access them, and they’re designed to essentially rush the player through lower content, in order to reach Iceborne sooner.

That disclaimer being the case, why are we recommending the Defender Lance? For us, this and the Gunlance variant are the only ones that make sense. They hit quickly, meaning the Blast damage will work well, but most importantly they’re very difficult weapons to learn regardless of your current equipment. Grabbing either of these weapons and attempting to be successful will require that you truly learn your target and their movements if you want to be successful. With other weapons you’re likely to be able to slash or swipe in an errant fashion and still eventually down the beast, but doing so with the Lance will fast track you to a cart.

In the end, we recommend this weapon because it’s tremendously powerful, too much to be exact, but it’s a weapon type that requires you to put the work in anyway. Feel free to use it, you’re going to need to practice Lance either way, and you won’t find a stronger accompaniment through Low and High Rank.

Early Features

  • Too powerful for Low Rank, by design.
  • Feels a bit like cheating, because it is.
  • Very high raw damage and sharpness.
  • Blast works very well with the Lance.
  • Very easy to upgrade.

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