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Consumables such as Clay are everywhere in Stardew Valley. Fruits, Vegetables, Woods and Ores, they’re all in there. There’s even a fish called Legend. Each of these consumables has their use; some can be cooked, others combined in recipes to make bigger and better items. The overriding feeling is that everything has it’s use, everything is important in it’s own way, even the little building block we’re focusing on today. Clay is one of the most basic items in Stardew Valley. Humble as it might be, you’ll find it’s required for a few essential pieces of equipment, each of which make your life on the farm markedly easier.

Uses For Clay

Clay Crafting, Stardew Valley

As an item in Stardew Valley, Clay actually has relatively limited uses, though we’d argue that one of these in particular is nigh on essential for storage. It’s used in crafting the following items:

  • Silo
  • Garden Pot
  • Brick Floor
  • Quality Retaining Soil
  • Shirt

Of these crafting options for Clay, the star of the show has to be the Silo. By building one of these, you are able to cut grass on your farm and store it as hay, which is nigh on essential for a farm that keeps animals. We’d recommend using 10 x Clay, along with the requisite Stone (100) and Copper Bars (5), to build at least one Silo to store your hay. We’d advise doing this prior to buying animal buildings, mainly because a turn in the weather will mean your animals are stuck inside, unable to eat grass.

It is possible to purchase hay from Marnie, but this can be expensive early on, and her schedule means that on certain days she will be unavailable. Remember, animals that are not fed on any given day, will not produce any items the day after, making your hay stores all the more important!


Locating Clay & Gathering Clay

Stardew Valley Clay Location

There are three main ways to gather Clay in Stardew Valley. Firstly, you can use your Hoe to gather Clay from artifact spots, pictured above, which will net you 1 – 2 pieces of Clay, although you are not guaranteed to get it every time. Secondly, you can use your Hoe to clear dirt on your farm – when clearing this dirt you will sometimes get a piece or two of Clay. This also works on the beach, though again you’ll not always find Clay this way.

The third route to finding Clay, is to descend within the mines and mine rocks on your journey. Whilst mining for rocks on your journey down, you will sometimes collect Geodes, which can then be given to the Blacksmith who will open them for a small fee (25g). This method is also quite random, however it’s worth doing when you return from the mines, because you’ll likely find plenty of additional useful items in the process. It’s also worth noting that breaking rocks on your farm can also net you some of these Geodes.

Clay Gathering In Short

  • Use a Hoe to gather Clay from artifact spots.
  • Clean dirt on your farm using a Hoe.
  • Mining rocks within the Mines will often result in Clay being gathered.

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