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The Monster Hunter Lance is the weapon of choice for the true hunting professional. It’s the weapon for those that study their target intently, determining their most Lance-applicable weakness and developing a style to exploit it. Perhaps it’s their huge defensive capabilities but nothing phases the Lance user – they join your hunt, methodically attrition the monster into submission, take their loot and leave. No mess, no fuss.

We’re embellishing a bit here, but the Lance is truly a precise weapon. It’s one that requires patience and time, yet rewards those willing to learn with the ability to take on anything the game can throw at them. To those setting out on their poking journey we salute you, and offer a small opinion on how to use the hunting styles available in MHGU to extract the maximum from your choice of weapon.

Adept Style

MHGU Lance Adept Style

Lance styles, insofar as they exist in previous Monster Hunter titles, tend to revolve around two methods of play: Piling as many Guard skills onto your armour and blocking everything your opponent throws at you, or grabbing Evasion skills and learning to hop in and out of those very same attacks. Whichever camp you settle into tends to have the same result: The monster eventually wilts under the weight of a thousand pokes.

In MHGU, the Hunting Styles give you even more options to tack onto the side of these options, though they tend to remain firmly within either one of these evasion of block camps. Adept Style falls into the ‘blocking’ camp, and does so by providing the hunter with a new Adept Block ability, which replaces your normal block. Should you time this block correctly you’ll be able to counter attack with some unusual but effective sweep attacks, each of which do a big chunk of damage.

Essentially this is a style which replaces your usual block and counter. The new block, if timed correctly, will spare you any knock back or stamina loss, and the counter will do more damage than your usual thrust. All in all it’s just an improved version of Guard Lance, which is just fine by us.


  • Familiar Guard style play.
  • The improved block can deal with any attack.
  • Can chain blocks together with no penalty.
  • Powerful counter attacks.


  • Not exactly flashy like other weapons.
  • Can feel immobile, especially compared to our next style.


Striker Style

MHGU Lance Striker Style

More than any other weapon and style combination in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the Lance and Striker Style feel like they’re meant to be together. This is mainly down to one thing: The third hit of your basic poke combo is well, a basic poke. No charged third hit that leaves you hanging in the danger zone, just a basic third hit quickly snapped out, leaving you plenty of time to hop around. Said hops are frequently followed, as you might imagine, by three more pokes. Again and again.

We’d really love to go into further detail, but in essence this is the entirety of the style. You can push out three pokes in quick succession and get back to hopping. It’s the evasive style of choice and after a fair few hours (read: Hundred) you’ll be jaunting around your target, tearing new holes into it’s weak spots. This is the evasive Lance style of choice, in fact it often feels a little too fast, but we’re not complaining.

The three arts of Striker are a nice benefit of course, though we’d argue that the Lance choice of arts aren’t the best in the game. Unusually, we’ve taken a liking to jumping into the Hub with our Striker Lance, throwing on our healing shield art and dragging new players through some of the games harder hunts. It’s a tremendously fun style and weapon combination that’s surprisingly versatile in practised hands.


  • Quicker third hits make it feel like a more nimble version of the Lance.
  • Three arts are always a boon.
  • Seriously, the triple quick poke is just that good.


  • Your shield might get lonely.
  • Maybe you really like the slow third poke..?
  • It can feel a little too nimble, like you’re betraying your Lance roots.

One more weapon down in our hunting styles series! We really love the Lance – it’s such a deep and nuanced weapon that really rewards practice. When it ‘clicks’ and you completely decimate a hunt target, there’s no feeling quite like it. It’s a weapon that gets under your skin and won’t let go. Sure, other weapons might feel a bit more ‘stylish’, but nothing feels quite as satisfying as a good Lance hunt.

Let us know what you think of the Lance in our comments section below! Maybe there are a few people out there that have sunk low enough to even enjoy aerial style, you never know!


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