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Best Hunting Styles for Hammer | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Very few weapons are as unique as the Monster Hunter Hammer. Sure other games might have similarities, a long sword or daggers for example, but nothing so single minded as the Hammer – the enemy has one target, the head, and it’s your job to hit it, a lot. As the franchise grew so too did it’s weapons and their choices… Apart from the Hammer: The monster has a head and you’re all about hitting it. Along comes MHGU with it’s myriad Hunting Style choices, which completely altered the Hammer outlook, to the point where it’s almost unrecognisable! …OK well it didn’t, but at least you have a few more choices for exactly how and when you hit that head.. Kind of.

Look, let’s just discuss a few of our favourites shall we?

Aerial Style

Aerial Style Hammer, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Firstly, we fully accept that this is an unusual choice. Aerial style is not generally considered to be a very ‘meta’ option – most players are off cramming as much Valor style into monsters’ faces as possible. We’d argue however that few styles are quite as fun as Aerial Hammer. As usual the style revolves around jumping on your target and doing damage with your airborne attacks. This generally induces quite a few mounts over the course of a hunt, and tends to involve quite a few unusual moves. The Glaive for example gets a hilariously large leap, the HBG gets to shoot downwards at the monster multiple times. In the case of the Hammer you get the chance to complete quite a few attacking options: You can bop it once on the way down, bop it twice on the way down or even complete a big charged attack en route to the floor! All of these are a great way to rack up KO damage, assuming you can hit the correct monster part.

Our absolute favourite part of this style however, is that the level 3 charge – usually your big whomp charged attack, has been replaced by a more powerful version of the level 2 uppercut attack. In our opinion that’s actually the most useful Hammer attack in MHGU due to the gap close effect, so having it be even more powerful and available is such a nice benefit.

Style Pros

  • Good airborne attack options.
  • Airborne charge can be retained when landing.
  • Super charged uppercut is incredible.

Style Cons

  • Can be hard to get KO due to difficult aim.
  • Less likely to take advantage of downed monsters.
  • Aerial styles can get a bit boring if we’re honest.
  • In practice it tends to feel quite stamina intensive.


Guild Style

Guild Style Hammer, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Good ol’ reliable Guild Style is the Hammer that you know and love. It retains all of the most familiar attacks that you’ll be used to, including the incredible golf club swing attack, so you’ll have no trouble fishing for KOs in the usual fashion. You’ll also be able to bring two arts, and whilst the Hammer arts aren’t the best in the game, it’s nice to have more choice.

We fully accept that people will find this choice boring, but for us the other choices just don’t quite match up. Yes Striker style charges your attacks quicker and allows you to bring three arts, but it doesn’t have the aforementioned club swing, nor any other attacks to make up for it. Adept too is interesting, especially the powerful follow up attack after a dodge, but it doesn’t quite work for us – when you dodge an attack in MHGU you’re unlikely to find yourself near the head, so your stamina suffers as you shuffle back over to the monster. In the end the Hammer truly shines when you’re used to a monster’s move set, able to drift in and out of range waiting for the head to hove into view. Guild style is ideally suited to this method, so if it ain’t broke..?

Style Pros

  • It’s the Hammer you know and love.
  • Plenty of options for arts and attacks.
  • Workmanlike and efficient.

Style Cons

  • No shiny new things.
  • MHGU huge monster roster can make fishing for headshots nigh on impossible (Hi, Plesioth).


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