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Best Hunting Styles for Great Sword | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

When it comes to Monster Hunter weapons, the Great Sword is our outright favourite. It’s slow but measured, lumbering yet stylish and it’s capable of outputting the biggest gobs of damage possible in one swing of it’s massive blade. This weapon traces the evolution of the modern Monster Hunter game; from the single swipe crit draws of MH4U, through the shoulder barges of World, to it’s final form in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate as an ultra high damage, monster mashing machine.

The Hunting Styles really make the Great Sword a force, but as with any weapon in MHGU styles are not all created equally. We’re not about to suggest that any of them cannot be used, but we are about to detail the two that we think manage to improve an already fantastic weapon.

Adept Style

Adept Style Great Sword, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

We suspect most readers may be aware of this by now, but in MHGU the Adept Style gives the player a generous extra dodging window – roll at the right time to avoid an attack and you’ll complete an Adept dodge. This dodge is essentially an improved evasion and functions much like having +3 levels of Evasion on you equipment (note: Don’t take evasion skills on your equipment if you’re running Adept). This dodge by itself is nice enough of course, but it’s what follows that counts: Each weapon will allow you to complete a follow up ability, ranging from a quick reload of the LBG to the stylish swishes of the Long Sword.

The Great Sword however, truly takes the cake for Adept counters. Upon completing a dodge your hunter will run in one direction for a short period of time. Press and hold the attack button during this run and you will begin and underarm charging attack that, should it hit the monster, deals big amounts of damage. You can then follow this up with a Strong Charge attach for more huge damage, and were this not enough, you can then follow the charge attack up with an incredibly powerful and quick ultra swing attack. If you can land all three of these on the monster it’ll likely be sent reeling, having lost huge swathes of health and potentially a body part, aim depending.

The aim, of course, is the issue here. The running charge does take a while, though you can land it early like any other charge attack, and monsters don’t often stay still long enough for you to do so. When the stars align however and you land all of these attacks… There’s nothing quite like it.

Style Pros

  • Very powerful Adept dodge counter attack.
  • Satisfying to master the follow up.
  • Safe style to learn with.

Style Cons

  • Adept counter moves you a very large distance.
  • Can be hard to line up on quicker monsters.
  • Limited mobility outside of the dodge, unlike our next choice.


Valor Style

Valor Style Great Sword, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

As per usual, Valor Style initially consists of lugging around a less than useful weapon to tap ineffectually at your target until your gauge is filled, upon which its abilities open up. Whilst the same is true of the Great Sword, in practice you’ll feel much less penalised than other weapons – you can still draw attack and roll away, something users of the large blade have been doing for years. You can even complete a charged attack which, if it lands, will almost half fill the gauge in one go.

Once it unlocks the Great Sword completely transforms: You can now complete a super powerful charging draw attack, gain the ability to swiftly sidestep with your weapon drawn and unlock an even more powerful charge attack from that same drawn position. You can even leap forward with the drawn charge attack! All of this, combined with the usual Valor sheathe defence, makes an already powerful weapon almost ridiculously so. The ability to cover such long distances and apply such punishing attacks is intoxicating, to the point where other styles start to pale in comparison.

Interestingly enough, you can almost see the changing of the Great Sword as it evolves throughout the various Monster Hunter games: Valor style feels somewhat similar to the World iteration of the weapon, shoulder barges and all. We’d argue the MHGU version is even more enjoyable however, so grab your biggest slab of metal or bone and get charging!

Style Pros

  • Remarkably mobile for such a slow weapon.
  • Very high damage super charge attack.
  • Super quick charged draw attack.
  • Probably the easiest weapon to build Valor gauge with.
  • Amazing synergy with Crit Draw builds.

Style Cons

  • Non-Valor mode is completely toothless.
  • Hunts may start lacking in difficulty.
  • Puts almost every other style to shame.
  • Maybe you think all charge effects should be yellow, or something?


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