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Best Hunting Styles for Dual Blades | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Monster Hunter games always feel ideally matched to the Dual Blades. The innate speed of movement that the weapon possesses allows the prospective hunter to dodge, dart and spin their way to victory, all the while feeling quite the ninja. Simultaneously the choice of beginners and connoisseurs, the weapon can adapt to any situation, be it huge lumbering beast or lithe skittering monster. In MHGU we’re happy to report the weapon is stronger than ever. Hunting Styles combined with the sheer amount of equipment on offer means you’ll never run out of ways to flurry your target to death. Not all options are created equally however, so today we’re going to detail the two Hunting Styles that are, in our opinion, the best on offer.

Adept Style

Adept Style Dual Blades, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Using Adept Style with the Dual Blades is similar to other weapons: You can only bring one Hunter Art, you lose one of the less important abilities when compared to Guild, and in turn you gain the fantastic Adept dodge. Where this weapon differs from others is within the dodge itself: It does damage. When you hit an Adept dodge, your character will jaunt in your chosen direction whilst also slashing with your DB, meaning you’re essentially getting free damage for every dodge. Not only this, but you subsequent movement is improved too.

Initially this can be a bit of a double edged sword since it encourages you to be aggressive with your dodges, which is something that has generally been discouraged throughout Monster Hunter history. You’ll likely land yourself in trouble quite a few times as you practice this, however the eventual payoff is worth it. Give the style some time and you’ll be able to tear monsters to pieces in super quick time. Unlike our second style choice it doesn’t rely too heavily on Dash or Mega Dash Juice either.

Style Pros

  • Dodge includes damage.
  • Very safe way to learn monsters.
  • Incredible mobility.
  • Doesn’t lose any key abilities.

Style Cons

  • Encourages risky play.
  • Single art can be limiting.
  • Dodging everything whilst doing damage could get… Boring, maybe?


Striker Style

Striker Style Dual Blades, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Striker Style is always the estranged cousin of hunting choices. Look at any weapon choice and you’ll find it trying to do something different. Take Insect Glaive for example, trying to stop the vaulting weapon from feeling like it needs to be midair all the time, or the Charge Blade removing a shield step. In this regard the Dual Blades are no different, only this time they’ve removed your Demon gauge – you know, the thing that the weapon has been based around for the last million years – but you’ve got three arts now, so everything is OK right?

Yes, actually. Whilst the removal of the Demon gauge is certainly unusual, the abilities that you’re left with actually make sense. Despite the above screenshot looking identical to Adept, this style is entirely focused around one thing: Do as many Demon’s Dance attacks as possible, preferably with glowing weapon mode turned on, which you can do despite having no gauge. This turns the weapon into a strange blend of Dual Blades meet Great Sword – you wait for a big enough opening, make sure glowing weapons are turned on and hit your aforementioned ability before either your stamina runs out or the monster notices.

You’ll often see this style and weapon combo being shown off in speedrun videos of MHGU. With a Dash or Mega Dash Juice chugged and no need to build up a gauge, a prospective hunter can just turn on the glow and have nothing left to worry about. Well, apart from the huge danger in the form of your target monster. Alright so much like everything else Monster Hunter it’s not that easy to master, but it is a great deal of fun, and that’s kind of the point now isn’t it?

Style Pros

  • No bar watching required.
  • Huge damage potential when targeting weak spots.
  • Weapons constantly glow like a fresh WoW player just discovered ‘Minor Beastslayer’ enchant.

Style Cons

  • Very good stamina management required, or…
  • You will chug through a lot of Dash Juice.
  • Dash and Mega Dash Juice last half their usual time when glowing blades are active.
  • Dash Juices in general last less time in MHGU compared to other Monster Hunter games.
  • It’s almost like the developers knew how powerful this would be.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

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