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Best Hunting Styles for Long Sword | Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Your choice of Hunting Style is crucial in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. Pick the right style and you’re the master of the hunt, swishing and slicing your way through monsters on your way to phat loots. Pick the wrong one however, and you’ll be flapping your way to an early cart and a distinct lack of loots. Today then we’re going to discuss the best hunting styles for the Long Sword. It’s an immensely popular weapon – the most popular actually, according to search engine data – so we thought it best to lend a hand in educating any would-be Samurai. We’re going to detail the two Hunting Styles that we think are the best and most suited to the Long Sword in MHGU.

Adept Style

Adept Style, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

First up is the Adept Style Long Sword. This is probably the most stylish weapon & style combination in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, making the practised user truly feel like a hunting ninja. This style focuses on timing your dodge to meet the monsters attack and, if done correctly, following it up directly with a savage counter attack. Not only does this counter do a great deal of damage, it also grants you a level up in gauge colour, assuming the final hit lands.

We’ve chosen this as one of our two recommendations because it’s relatively safe, you don’t miss out on too many attacking abilities and it has the potential to do very high amounts of damage. It does lack the ability to do the full spirit combo, meaning you have to use the counter attack or a hunting art to build gauge levels, but since this is the actual point of the style we don’t mind too much. You are also limited to only one hunter art, as with all Adept style weapons, but we’re not too concerned – the Long Sword arts are good, but it’s not hunt-ruining to go without some of them. We tend to bring either Critical Juncture or Sakura Slash, depending on the monster we’re hunting.

Style Pros

  • Amazing safety in the form of the Adept Evade.
  • Probably the most satisfying counter attacking ability – visually – tied with Great Sword.
  • Very high damage counter attack.
  • ‘Feels’ like an evasive Ninja. Who doesn’t want that?

Style Cons

  • Can lack damage outside of it’s counter attack.
  • Spirit slash combo is limited outside of the counter.
  • Can be slower to build up the spirit meter due to it being locked behind the counter.
  • The above point can make you bring a different hunter art to compensate.


Valor Style

Valor Style, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Well, we knew this was coming now didn’t we.

The style works like any other Valor Style. Whilst you’re building up the Valor gauge your moves are restricted, then once filled it completely opens up. This is true of all weapons but it’s especially powerful with the Long Sword.

We’ll be straight with you first up: Valor Long Sword is probably the strongest weapon & style combination in the game. No really it is, go and check some Youtube speedruns with the thing, it’s truly incredible. It has the ability to block almost any incoming attack, taking no damage whilst doing so, and launching into a super powerful and quick attack to follow up. This attack is quicker than the Adept counter, despite the fact that your hunter has just blocked all manner of massive hits with it’s thin Long Sword.

Now, as much as it might look like an easy mode, it is actually very tough to master, which is why we’ve chosen it as our second style. You’ll need to learn some very specific monster attack timings to make it work, but doing so will feel very satisfying. As such it feels so good to learn and develop – other weapons and combinations might earn you a few more attacks, another stab of the Lance or a few more LBG bullets fired off, but mastery of Valor Style Long Sword literally turns you into a hunting Samurai. Sure we might scoff at people choosing the ‘easy mode’ combo, but let’s all be honest with each other here: It feels damned good to do so.

Style Pros

  • Guard point with a Long Sword.
  • Super powerful counter attacks.
  • Easy spirit gauge fillers.
  • Practically invincible in the right hands.

Style Cons

  • Poor performance outside of Valor mode.
  • Perhaps you don’t like the colour blue? Or finishing hunts quickly?
  • Look it’s just really good OK.
  • No really, watch some videos, it’s stupid good.


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