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Top 3 Best Low Rank Hunting Horns in MHGU

The Hunting Horn, of all Monster Hunter weapons, is by far the most underrated. This is especially true in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, where it’s sorely under represented, at least in our multiplayer hunts. It’s such a shame too, given that the Hunting Horn can provide a multitude of benefits; party buffs, free consumables, great damage possibilities and unlimited amounts of Swag.

So today the Hunting Horn get’s our Top 3 list treatment. Specifically we’re looking at Low Rank, and attempting to get some avid Horn users started as soon as possible! To all of you looking to pick up the Horn, check out some recommendations below. To all other hunters, you can thank us later.

3. Yukumo Flute

MHGU Hunting Horn Yukumo Flute

The first Hunting Horn we’re going to look at is the Yukumo Flute. This might be quite an unusual choice, after all what you’re looking for in a Horn is super high raw damage and some great songs to play, which is where it can fall down somewhat: The songs are great and they’ll be super useful to you in the early game, where you can almost become a ‘Healer’ of sorts for your team.

What about that raw damage then? Well yes, it’s not the highest damage, but we’ve highlighted it because of the super easy upgrade route you’ll have. With just a few more pieces of Yukumo Wood, some Gargwa Feathers and Bealite Ore, you can upgrade it for plenty of green sharpness. It’s a nice way to get a well upgraded Horn super early!

Shopping List:

  • Yukumo Wood: Grab this from the M. Peaks map. More info HERE.
  • Iron Ore: You’ll find these in almost every mining spot in Low Rank.

2. Demon Block

MHGU Hunting Horn Demon Block

What if you’d rather just hit things in the face with your Hunting Horn? Well, we’re back looking at the Tetsucabra again and it’s Horn, the Demon Block. Being from the tusked toad, it’s pretty damned high in raw damage, as you can see – 120 from the outset is a pretty big number. So if you’re just looking to rack up those head shots, look no further than this in Low Rank.

The songs are a strange mishmash of buffs here if we’re honest, so we wouldn’t make this if you’re looking to play a purely supporting role. The highlight of it’s song list would have to be Negate Stamina Use (S), which can come in handy, but other than that it’s not too great for purely buffing in the early game.

Shopping List:

  • Tetsucabra Tusks: Get your hands on these by breaking the Tetsucabra’s tusks in a hunt.
  • Tetsucabra Shell: You’ll get plenty of these just by hunting Tetsucabra.
  • Dignified Skull: Quite a rare carve from Tetsucabra. Injure it’s head for a better chance.
  • Jumbo Bone: You’ll find these hunting monsters 3-Star or higher. Bulldrome gave us a lot!


1. Hell Horn

MHGU Hunting Horn, Hell Horn

Our favourite Hunting Horn during the transition from Low Rank to High Rank has to be this one, the Hell Horn. Being a Glavenous based horn the raw damage is mid-to-high, which will help you do some good damage, but it’s the songs that we really enjoyed: Attack Boost (S) speaks for itself, and is something your hunt buddies will love you for. Fire Res Boost (S) again is something super useful, given that you’ll be spending plenty of time hunting pesky fire based monsters in the Volcano around this time. Lastly Sonic Waves will come in really handy when facing monsters that like to hide underground – though we will admit it can be awkward to time it quite right.

Crafting it can be a bit of a pain though – you’ll have to jump over into the Hub to find the Monster Bone+ but hey, that’s all the more reason to practice your doot doot in multiplayer!

Oh and we really love the design of this Horn too. They really nailed the flickering flames look with it, and it’s super satisfying to swing around!

Shopping List:

  • Glavenous Pyroshell: Carve these from any Glavenous, wound the back for an even better chance at getting one.
  • Glavenous Scale: Medium rarity carve from Low Rank Glavenous.
  • Flaming Bursa: You’ll get huge amounts of these throughout low rank hunts.
  • Monster Bone+: Capture a 3-Star Hub Seregios for a chance at these super early on!

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