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Tip: Sharp Fang – MHGU

Looking for Sharp Fang in your MHGU playthrough? Don’t worry, we’ve been there. They are critical to crafting some of the best early game items in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, and yet there’s precious little information about where to find them in any great number.

That’s why we’re here today, so join us as we detail where to find Sharp Fangs in MHGU.

Sharp Fang

MHGU Sharp Fang


The best place to find Sharp Fang, and indeed to farm for multiples of them, is by completing the Village Rank 3 Quest, ‘Konchu Collector’, which tasks you with slaying 15 x Konchu. Not only will you find that carving the little shelled ones sometimes grants you with a Sharp Fang, but you’ll also regularly get some as a quest reward.

You can also complete the sub quest, however in our experience this rarely yields more Sharp Fang. Rather we prefer to head around the Dunes map in an anti-clockwise direction, slicing up a few Konchu in each map zone as we go, and ending in the south west alongside the Cephadrome. You can then ignore the boss and just sweep up the remaining Konchu. Sometimes the big flapping fish will even lend a hand and kill a few for you! Though it can sometimes be a pain to carve whilst it’s thrashing around…


Hopefully you’ll get plenty of Sharp Fangs in your loot box! Don’t forget to use them for crafting those super useful charms!

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