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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Worker Russel

Worker Russel is our next target as we push through Pokemon Sword & Shield, and more specifically as we traverse the Galar Mine! We were kind of hoping he’d bring something new to the table, perhaps a never before seen Pokemon of sorts…!

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Russel

Worker Russel

Location: Galar Mine #1

Pokemon: Rolycoly lv. 15

Alas no, Worker Russel doesn’t grace us with anything new today. Still, standing guard at the other end of the bridge makes us interested in a few things; does he get paid more than the worker on the other end of the bridge, and will he be as pleased as our last opponent when we take him down? Only one way to find out of course, but first let’s summarise his choice of Pokemon…

RolycolyRock Type – Level 15

Weaknesses: Water, Grass, Steel, Ground and Flying Type.

Resistances: Poison, Flying, Fire and Normal Type.

Immunity: None

Notes: High Defence & Special Defence.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Russel


Unfortunately – for Russel, that is – we’re kind of getting used to this environment and as such were fully expecting either a Rock, Ground or Fighting type to make an appearance. As such we were well prepared for the Rolycoly, too prepared in fact, to the point that we’re a little spoilt for choice. As you can see, we chose to give our starter some more experience here, given that we can easily target it’s weakness.

Still, some of you out there may be struggling at this point so here are a few bits of advice: If you’re struggling to hit any weaknesses on Rolycoly, it really doesn’t matter which move type you pick, special or not – it’s defence to both is very similar – so pick your strongest move, something you’ll be able to see if you check the summary of each ability, and hammer away at it. If you’re getting low don’t forget you can always chug a potion!

Recommended Pokemon

Yet another Rock Type means that we’re going to recommend some similar Pokemon to our last trainer battle. Wingull again works well despite it’s low defences, along with Chewtle or either the Water or Grass starter Pokemon. There are plenty of options back in the Wild Area or prior routes if you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to head back and bolster your ‘Dex a bit further!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Russel

Do you think, perhaps, that they’re trying to tell us something here? The tradition of giving the player tips during trainer battles continues then. Never change Pokemon, never change.

Good to see equality either side of that bridge too! We’re honestly not sure how far we can stretch this salary joke but for the moment it’s making sense!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Worker Russel

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