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5 Excellent Elec Demons | Shin Megami Tensei 5

Given that the Nahobino is naturally pushed toward Elec skills in SMT5, you’d be forgiven for neglecting Demons that specialise in such things. To do so however, is to miss out on some seriously powerful beasts, especially as the late game rolls around. Plus, you can build your protagonist in any way you please in this game, so having some good choices for Elec replacements is always a good thing. Anyway, let’s get into sorting through some seriously shocking demons, shall we?

5. Shiisaa

Shiisaa, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Given the introduction above, and indeed the ease with which you can get your hands on a basic Zio spell in this game, our first recommendation doesn’t come until you’re nearly level 20. This may not feel like the early game to some, especially with such a huge first zone, but trust us it really is. You’ll know the mid game when you get there, and this isn’t it yet. We’re only just transitioning into medium level spells at this point, and this is exactly where Shiisaa comes in.

At this point in time you’ll be seeking the very specific requirement of dealing a good amount of damage, but not blasting all of your MP in a few battles. Ideally this means you have a base level group attack, but a higher level single target version, and this is exactly what Shiisaa has available in the Elec department. Mazio is already known, so you can spam it to clear up annoying but vulnerable opponents, and it’ll unlock Zionga at level 22, which does some great single target damage at this point. It also features a +3 Elec Affinity to reduce costs, and even picks up some useful physical skills to make better use of its balanced stats.

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Mazio, the base level group Elec spell.
  • Learns Zionga at level 22, the medium single target Elec spell.
  • Features +3 Elec Affinity, which is actually very rare in SMT5.
  • Also has access to Scratch Dance at level 20, which is a useful multi-hit physical skill, for those not weak to Elec damage.


4. Thunderbird

Thunderbird, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Taking the prize for the most obvious of Elec options has to be Thunderbird. Quite apart from sounding like a cast member from a long forgotten TV show, this thing is actually quite a good demon, though we’ll admit it’s fairly limited in scope. We say this, because unlike the other options on this list, all you’re getting is Elec, Elec and more Elec. Happily it does feature a skill that puts even more Elec in there, which is a nice bonus.

The skill we’re referencing here is Elec Pleroma, which boosts its Elec damage by 20%. This aptly sets up its remaining repertoire, which consists of both ‘medium’ Elec skills, Zionga and Mazionga, which hit single and all targets respectively. All of these combine with it’s high Magic stat to ensure that you’re dealing the most Elec damage possible in the mid game. Further to this, Thunderbird will also learn Masukunda to debuff your opponents Agility, and even learns the Great Life Spring passive at level 41, which grants it a big chunk of survivability-enhancing HP!

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Zionga, the medium single target Elec skill.
  • Innately knows Mazionga, the medium all target Elec skill.
  • Innately knows Elec Pleroma, which boosts Elec damage by 20%.
  • Learns Masukunda at level 39, which debuffs the Agility of the entire enemy team.
  • Learns Great Life Spring at level 41, which passively increases the demon’s health by a big amount.

3. Nue

Nue, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Much like the demons included in pretty much every other article of ours, the mid to late game transition switches its focus toward elemental skills that scale with Strength. In short, there’s a ‘Dracostrike’ for pretty much everything, which deals damage of a particular element, but takes its scaling cues from the Strength stat. It’s quite useful to be honest, because it stops pure strength demons from being limited to physical skills alone, and in the case of SMT5 in particular, it really does open up the start of the late game. That said and for Elec specifically, Nue is your best choice to go with.

As noted above, it innately knows the Storm Dracostrike skill, which deals a big amount of Elec damage thanks to Nue’s high Strength stat. This alone is very useful, but if you take the time to give it a few more levels, Nue will learn the medium all targeting Mazionga at level 50, and even Elec Pleroma at level 51, which boosts all Elec damage by 20%, including the strength version of skills. Again, much like others around this time, the alternative strength moves are a nice change and a good transition before the ‘heavy’ set of skills are learned, and Nue is by far the best for Elec damage at this time.

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Storm Dracostrike, which is a strength based Elec single target attack.
  • Learns Mazionga, the medium group targeting Elec spell, at level 50.
  • Learns Elec Pleroma at level 51, which boosts Elec damage by 20%.
  • High Strength statistic, to make use of the Dracostrike, and also learns Eat Whole at level 52, which is a physical skill that drains HP, and is useful in a pinch.

2. Odin

Odin, Shin Megami Tensei 5

In true Shin Megami Tensei tradition, the defeating of a boss reveals the ability to fuse it. Now, in our opinion a lot of these are mostly completely pointless, and whilst we appreciate that it can be fun to have these strong bosses in your party after overcoming them, they’re rarely worthwhile. Thankfully there are a few exceptions to this rule, one of which is Odin. This demon in particular becomes available as you progress towards the absolute late-to-end game portion of SMT5, and if you’re looking to power up the Elec side of your team, or indeed the physical side of it, then look no further than this.

Things may initially look a little barren from an Elec perspective, since Odin only innately knows the Maziobarion skill, which deals heavy Elec damage to every enemy. Give it some levels however, and it’ll learn both High Elec Pleroma, which boosts Elec damage by a huge 40%, and Thunder Reign, which is a multi-hit Elec skill that deals massive amounts of damage. Odin also pairs all of these Elec skills with huge physical damage, particularly in the form of its unique skill Gungnir, that deals big damage whilst also piercing defences. Should you choose to peruse more than a couple of our articles on the subject of SMT5, you may notice this particular demon appearing in more than one of our recommendations – it’s just that strong.

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Maziobarion, which is the ‘heavy’ Elec group spell.
  • Learns Thunder Reign at level 79, which deals multiple hits of Elec damage, potentially dealing huge damage.
  • Learns High Elec Pleroma at level 80, which increases Elec damage by 40%!
  • Odin also has access to huge physical damage, particularly through Gungir, a unique physical attack that deals huge damage and features the Pierce effect.


1. Zeus

Zeus, Shin Megami Tensei 5

Were you to take our previous choice of Odin, compress all of its physical power down into a single skill, super charge it’s Elec skills and add a sprinkling of Almighty into the mix, then you’d have yourself Zeus, which is one of the most powerful demons in the entirety of SMT5. It should be too, because it does require that you complete the ‘A Plot Revealed’ quest, which in itself is no picnic, requiring as it does for you to defeat Zeus at its end. Do so however, and all of your end game Elec problems are completely solved. 

The main reason for all of this is that Zeus owns three unique skills all of its own, and the Elec skill Karaunos in particular is the strongest in the entire game. This is a strength based, single target Elec skill that completely ignores any defence against it, whilst also having a massive damage rating itself. This is essentially all you’ll need from now on from an Elec perspective, however Zeus goes full overkill by learning High Elec Pleroma at level 88, boosting it by a further 40%. Add Maziobarion, the heavy all targeting Elec spell, and you have the perfect end game Elec Demon.

Things don’t end here to be honest. Zeus also innately knows Panta Spane, which is a physical skill that hits every enemy and simultaneously debuffs their attack and defence. It also knows Madness Glint, which is an Almighty skill that deals up to 5 hits of damage and has a 40% chance to apply Seal and Panic to any enemy it touches. These, combined with the Elec skills noted above, make Zeus one of the very best demons in the entire game, and certainly the best Elec demon that you’ll find in its entirety. 

Demon Benefits

  • Innately knows Keraunos, a massive single target Elec damage skill that also features the Pierce effect, thus ignoring defences.
  • Learns Maziobarion at level 87, the heavy group damage Elec skill.
  • Learns High Elec Pleroma at level 88, boosting Elec damage by 40%.
  • Also the small matter of knowing Panta Spane and Madness Glint, which are two of the best Physical and Almighty skills in the entire game, respectively. 
  • Possibly the most powerful demon in the game ‘out of the box’, by which we mean it doesn’t require a significant time or resource investment to power up.

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