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Crucial Weapons For Every Character | Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

During the course of Tokyo Mirage Sessions, it can be easy to get carried away. Battles come and go, intermissions swish you from chapter to chapter and before you know it, your inventory is full of items, loot and more importantly, Carnages. Yes, this is a very unusual name for weapons, we agree, but the point stands; sometimes you’ll be spoilt for choice, and you’ll either have to prioritise or grind. The latter of these options is arguably made more enjoyable than ever by the session system, but for those of you that would rather run through the field than stop to smell the roses, the following are a selection of weapons for each character that you really shouldn’t skip.


Chrom, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Noble Rapier – (Horseslayer, Mag Boost, Zionga)
  • Matador – (Sukukaja, Dual Dispatch, Passive: Sukukaja)
  • Tyrfing – (Str Amp, Wyrmicide) – Conqueror

In order to understand our choices for Itsuki, you should first understand how his role changes as the game progresses. Throughout the early and mid game of TMS#FE, he’ll play like a combination of an enabler, buffer and damage dealer. However once the late game is breached, he’ll lean closer and closer towards the latter of those roles, and begin to deal very significant amounts of damage with his skills.

This being the case, our first two recommendations are all about being malleable. Grabbing some powerful Elec spells like Zionga will help when targeting weaknesses, and Horseslayer itself is useful more often than you think. Dual Dispatch alone is one of the best skills in the entire game, which ensures that Itsuki will almost always have a viable session starting target. Lastly, it’s critical that you grab yourself Wyrmicide before the end of the game; we won’t spoil anything, but it’s going to be very useful when you reach both the final battle and the end portion of the optional Encore dungeon.



Caeda, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Silver Feather – (Sukukaja, Spd Boost, Media)
  • Hayanie – (Sukukaja, Mediarama, Zandyne, Passive: Force Damage +)
  • Brave Feather – (Mediarama, Mazandyne, Spd Amp, Sword-Elwind) – Falcon Knight

Unfortunately for Tsubasa, she often finds herself occupying the second team within the party, content to simply contribute session steps and little else. The main reason behind this is her canon role as ‘dedicated healer’, because whilst she does assume this role well, TMS#FE contains powerful and cheap healing items that do the job just as well. This doesn’t necessarily mean that she cannot be used in the main team, after all you could argue that you’ll want better damage options in the Session queue, but it does shape her available skills in a significant way.

Anyway, in terms of her Carnages, they tend to lean towards healing and wind damage as much as possible. You’ll note that the first few we have picked include a group heal, such as Media or Mediarama, because these are both tremendously useful despite items encroaching on their turf. Hayanie in particular is a highlight in the mid-to-late game, because its passive will increase the wind damage that Tsubasa inflicts with every spell. Lastly, Falcon Knight is by far the best class option for our leading lady, and the Brave Feather gives her everything she could possibly need; healing, action speed, wind damage and a powerful session link to swords.


Cain, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Yomotsu Hirasaka – (Javelin Rain, Passive: High Crit, Low Hit)
  • Brave Spear – (Yasha Soul, Lance Expertise, Watchfulness)
  • Ame-no-Ohabari – (Javelin Rain, Piercing Void, Passive: Lance Damage +)

In stark opposition to our last party member, Touma is entirely focused on dealing damage, primarily in the physical form. This too is a bit of a double edged coin, because whilst he performs well in the main team, his damage is good in the Session queue too. His slot in the team isn’t helped by a slightly off putting early-to-mid game, where his skills don’t necessarily tie up with others well enough, or at least not quite as well as Kiria or Eleanora. 

Regardless of where you put him however, his primary focus is in dealing high amounts of Lance damage. Javelin Rain, which is a Lance attack that targets every single enemy, is very, very powerful throughout the game and should be powered up as much as possible as you progress. Outside of this, buffing his damage is the best option, with things like Lance Expertise and the powerful Ame-no-Ohabari Carnage, which passively buffs it even further. You’ll want to keep an elemental skill on hand of course, but focus everything else into Lance damage and Touma will perform well in either team.



Tharja, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Lorelai – (Mabufu, Lullaby Song, Megido, Passive: Magic Evade +)
  • Sha Na Ra – (Bufudyne, Agidyne, Mabufudyne, Passive: Ice Damage +)
  • Indra’s Thunder – (Concentrate, Megidolaon, Passive: Magic Defence +)

Much like Touma, Kiria is a character that focuses entirely on damage, but in her case it’s all about flinging magical spells around to accomplish it. Unlike Touma however, you’ll find it very easy to slot her into the team at any point, provided you ignore her useless Curse spells. She does have a few points during which Carnage upgrades are a little lacking, but a bit of patience in the mid game will see her soon unlock very powerful gear.

First thing to note, is that we enjoy keeping Kiria equipped with two elemental spell versions, namely Fire and Ice. This ensures that she’ll be able to contribute or start sessions in almost every situation, and grabbing passive damage buffs on Lorelai or Sha Na Ra will help to push her numbers higher than ever. We will note that she does seem to suffer a little in the very late game, however grabbing Indra’s Thunder will give her Concentrate and Megidolaon, which itself is a recipe for massive group damage that ignores weakness, something that’s very useful in the latter stages of the dungeon added to Encore and the Arena.


Virion, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Ushimitsu Yorimasa – (Rakunda, Arrow Rain, Flame Strike)
  • Nidhogg – (Grand Tack, Charge, Myriad Arrows)
  • Yewfelle – (Grand Tack, Elec-Snipe, Myriad Arrows, Bow Expertise EX) – Sniper

Quite a few Tokyo Mirage Session players tend to put Eleonora into one of two categories. They either ignore her, believe that her damage is feeble in comparison to others, or they tend to focus on her debuffing shots far too much. In our opinion, both of these perspectives are flawed. Should you give her a little time, and indeed make the choice of Sniper in the late game, then you’ll actually find that she does some very significant damage. She has a hard time dislodging Yashiro or Kiria in our ultimate team, but her damage does eventually get so high that you’ll struggle to differentiate.

All of this being the case, we like to focus on her powerful physical bow attacks as much as possible. Arrow Rain and Grand Tack become very powerful, and combining these will skills like Charge, and passives like Bow Expertise, will allow her to remove vast chunks of enemy health with every attack. Yewfelle in particular has Elec-Snipe, which will ensure that she plays very well with Itsuki.



Draug, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Silver Axe – (Sword-Glacier, Bow-Glacier, Tetraguard)
  • Galatine – (Gigantomachia, Diamondsplitter, Victory Cry)
  • Wunderland – (Diarama, Sword-Glacier EX, Tetrakarn, Iron Wall) – General

By far the most defensive of party members, Momori arrives towards the end of the mid game, just in time for the toughest of challenges to be faced. At first glance, her selection of skills seems to be somewhat confused, consisting as it does of defensive buffs, damage skills, various session links and even single target heals. Whilst there is a clear defensive direction going on here, what should you do with her to extract the best performance?

For us, it’s best to focus Momori on a combination of damage and powerful defence. Healing is made somewhat irrelevant by items in this game, which frees her up to focus on powerful skills of her own. Sessions must be considered of course, hence our inclusion of two Sword-Glacier skills on two Carnages, but the remainder focuses on powerful skills like Gigantomachia and Diamondsplitter. By the time you get Momori to the late game, she’ll be contributing a fair amount of damage, and she’ll access incredible defensive skills like Tetrakarn, which allow you to ignore incoming damage types for a full round, which is priceless in some late game encounters.


Navarre, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Wo Dao – (Elec-Slash, Gust Strike, Yasha Soul, Passive: HP Restore Every Round)
  • Masamune – (Diamondsplitter, Lance-Slash EX, Str Amplify) – Swordmaster
  • Masakado’s Sword – (Charge, Wallbreaker, Passive: Critical Rate ++)

For some reason, a lot of players tend to ignore Yashiro in TMS#FE. Perhaps this is due to his late joining time, or maybe fans of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon remember just how weak Navarre was compared to other team members. Either way, we’d recommend that you give him a try, because he might initially seem like a limited swordsman, but he’ll soon evolve into a party member capable of dealing tremendous amounts of physical damage, often whilst simultaneously debuffing his target. 

Keeping a few, or at least one, session link is paramount of course, and opting for an Elec link is always going to work in the main party, though a Lance version will work fine for a backup session provider. Outside of this, it’s all about doing as much damage as possible whilst tearing your opponent down. Wallbreaker is a great example of this, and the high passive critical rate of a weapon like Masakado’s Sword can combine with Yasha Soul and Charge to deal frightening amounts of damage to a single target in the late game.

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