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The 5 Best Healing Skills | Persona Q2

Restoring lost health through healing skills is key in any Persona game, and indeed the Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole. In fact, we’d say it’s more important here in Q2, since striking a weakness doesn’t grant you a press turn, or ‘one more’ like non-handheld titles. With these games being built on the Etrian system, incoming damage is never going to be small either, so it’s best to be prepared as much as possible. Now, restorative items are great of course, and a trip back to the Cinema will fully restore your entire team, but if you want to make any significant progress then you’re going to have to come equipped with some form of health recovery skills. Having played the game for countless hours now, the following are those that we feel perform best throughout.

5. Mini Recovery / Healing Tide

Fuuka, Persona Q2
  • Mini Recovery: Slight HP restore at the end of turn for 3 turns (party).
  • Healing Tide: Moderate HP restore at the end of turn for 3 turns (party).
  • Skill Card: Not Available.

If you’re coming into Persona Q2 after having played Q, then this first choice is unlikely to surprise you. In fact, somewhat similar skills exist within the Etrian series, so they’ll likely be familiar to players there too. We’re talking about skills that heal your entire team at the end of a round, or three rounds in a row as is the case here. Mini Recovery is the first skill available that provides this, which is possessed by Necronomicon, Futaba’s persona. This is the goto healing skill in the early game, essentially allowing you to forget about the majority of health restoration for 3 rounds, and it’s replaced in the mid game by Healing Tide, known by Fuuka.

These two skills are very powerful, but it’s worth noting that the late game will necessitate that you find additional options. Healing Tide can retain some of its usefulness, and we’d recommend that you do keep it in your arsenal, however some of the higher difficulty levels will find it lacking, at least as your only healing option. Happily, there are four more options on this list to help you out!

Fusion Information

  • Mini Recovery: Futaba innately has this at the start of the game.
  • Healing Tide: Fuuka Innately has this upon joining.


4. Refresh

Akechi, Persona Q2
  • Recover HP and remove all ailments (1 Row).
  • Skill Card: Not Available.

Akechi, the ‘is he, isn’t he’ antagonist of Persona 5, is such a strange proposition in Persona Q2. He’s key to the story of course, in ways that we will not spoil here, but his battle kit is where we’d like to focus here. With fantastic skills such as Debilitate, Arrow Rain and various Bless skills at his disposal, he can be a powerful choice for a party member. However, it’s one of his lesser known skills that we want to highlight today: Refresh.

Now, we’re not about to say that this is a tremendously powerful skill, nor will Akechi break any records for the amount that it heals, but it’s just such a useful skill that finds a way to continuously be relevant throughout the entire game. There are skills that remove ailments, and there are skills that remove all ailments and binds from the entire team, but a skill that does this for an entire row, whilst also recovering HP is almost exclusive to this particular skill. Technically there are some skills available through DLC persona that achieve similar, and some Navi skills that will do so too, but Akechi has this available at level 4!

Fusion Information

  • Akechi’s Persona – Robin Hood – learns this at level 4.

3. Media

Morgana, Persona Q2
  • Light HP Restore to all allies.
  • Skill Card: Silky.

This is likely to seem unusual, we’ll grant you. Yes, we’ve chosen by far the weakest of the group heals, Media, which is technically outclassed by Mediarama and Mediarahan. Now, technically speaking those two skills do restore more HP than Media, but in our opinion they’re entirely superfluous when faced by everything else Persona Q2 has to offer. Not only do you have Mini Recovery and Healing Tide available to assist, but by the time these and indeed Media begin to diminish, better options become available. You can even extend this cheap skill by grabbing Healing Finger, which increases healing done by 50%, or better still, should you choose to bring Yukari on your journey, it’ll retain power for even longer thanks to Healing Hand, which increases it by 100%!

Fusion Information

  • Morgana (level 13), Teddie (level 18), Yukiko (Innate) and Yukari (Innate) can access this skill.
  • SIlky learns Media at level 12.
  • Principality learns Media at level 22.
  • Titania (level 22) innately has Media available.
  • Caladrius learns Media at level 28.
  • Kikuri-Hime learns Media at level 34.
  • Leanan Sidhe (level 38) innately has Media available.

2. Victory Cry

Chie, Persona Q2
  • Recover 100% HP after battle.
  • Skill Card: Hachiman.

The second skill to make it’s way over from our Navi skills article is the fantastic Victory Cry. It does so because, as the game progresses into it’s latter third, your problem will shift into recovery from battles rather than traversing them. Players of the original Q and indeed Etrian games will attest to this late game issue, and there is no better way to deal with this than Victory Cry, which restores all HP after every battle. If you’re looking for an earlier version of this, then Life Aid is a less effective version that restores 20% after every battle, but this pales in comparison against the full heal on offer here. With the other skills on our list available during the fray, having Victory Cry there to patch you up will keep the exploration flowing, which is especially valuable in some of the long winded late game labyrinths.

Fusion Information

  • Kohryu (level 68) innately has Victory Cry available.
  • Seth learns Victory Cry at level 72.
  • Hachiman (level 79) innately has Victory Cry available.


1. Circle Recovery

Yukari, Persona Q2
  • Allies recover some HP every turn, requires circles.
  • Skill Card: Alilat.

Possibly our favourite transfer of skills between the Etrian series and Persona Q2 has to be the ‘circles’, which are best described as invisible debuffs underneath your opponents that last at least three turns. Not only are some of the ailments they cause a little broken here, but they enable the usage of by far the best healing skill in the game: Circle Recovery. It’s a shame that you must wait until the late game to access it, but it’s also worth noting that this isn’t a skill that they give you early via DLC. Such things would have been far too powerful, and that’s saying something given the skills you can access through DLC persona.

The skill is rather self explanatory. Your entire party will restore some HP every round in which a Circle is active. These Circle skills cannot be found via Skill Card, so you’ll have to be quite clever in the application of this, especially when finding the Skill Card of Circle Recovery requires such a high level persona to make. Once you do so however, you’ll be in possession of the healing skill that we feel is by far the best in the game. Grabbing Vouivre at your earliest point is the best idea here, since it has three circles available along with this skill, and even features Spirit Summon to allow big damage be done by a magic user. Combine this with Healing Finger or Hand, and you’ll have one character capable of passively healing whilst applying ailments, and dealing massive Almighty damage in the rounds between. Go ahead, put it on Yukari – welcome to easy mode.

Fusion Information

  • Vouivre (level 62) innately has Circle Recovery available.
  • Scathach learns Circle Recovery at level 76.
  • Alilat (level 82) innately has Circle Recovery available.

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