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6 Essential Navi Skills | Persona Q2

Navi, or Navigators, have been a part of the Persona series for a long time. Uttering their name will no doubt conjure up images of the shy and retiring Fuuka, the glamorous yet troubled Rise, or for the newer players, the reclusive and impenetrable Futaba. Despite the clear change towards an Etrian battle system with the Persona Q series, the Navi have retained their role, managing to assist you from behind the scenes, though their methods of doing so are somewhat different. Here they’re powered by a bar that fills, not unlike the Etrian Boost, and the player is not only able to choose exactly when they assist, but also how. Each Navi in Q2 – Fuuka, Rise or Futaba – has their own selection of skills, and these can be built upon thanks to Sub Persona that they can equip. Such things pose the questions that we’re here to answer today: Which Navi skills are the best, and how do I go about getting my hands on them?

6. Healing Tide

Mitsuru, Persona Q2
  • Moderate HP restore at end of turn for 3 turns.

It was almost universally accepted that Fuuka, the only possible user of Healing Tide, was the best Navi in the original Persona Q, mainly thanks to her ability to apply healing for 3 rounds in a row. This skill turned out to be so essential in fact, that the developers actually gave Futaba a weaker version here, in Q2: Mini Recovery. If you’re looking for an early game version of Healing Tide then we’d recommend that you look into that skill, however for us the Healing Tide skill becomes much more useful as the game progresses, to the point where we consider it one of the best skills from the mid game onwards. Having this active in difficult fights will free up your entire team, letting them focus on attacking weaknesses and generally being more useful.

Fusion Info

  • Only available through Fuuka’s Persona, Lucia.
  • She will innately have access to this upon her joining the team (which is actually quite late, so don’t plan on having this early).
  • There is no Skill Card available for this ability.


5. Magic Mallet

Koromaru, Persona Q2
  • Higher rate of rare materials from Treasure Spots.

Your enjoyment of the Q series of Persona games will directly correlate your enjoyment of the Etrian Odyssey series, primarily because it leans heavily into it’s mechanics and exploration aspects. One of the latter is the fact that you can locate what were originally known as gathering spots, but here they take the form of Treasure Spots. In the original Persona Q they provided you with loot, most of which could otherwise be garnered by battling enemies, however here they’re also the source of powerful accessories, which makes a skill like Magic Mallet all the more powerful. Grab this on your exploration Navi and never let go!

Fusion Info

  • Genbu innately knows this skill (Level 32)
  • Kurama Tengu innately knows this skill (Level 42)
  • Lachesis innately knows this skill (Level 46)
  • Nidhoggr innately knows this skill (Level 49)
  • Skill Card: Kurama Tengu.

4. Purifying Rain

Morgana, Persona Q2
  • Remove all Binds and Ailments.

Sure, it might sound boring, but players with experience with either the original Persona Q or the Etrian Series will all tell you the same thing: Binds and Ailments are an absolute pain. Nothing hurts more than your superstar physical damage front row being strength bound, or your essential support team having their magic locked off. In fact, the latter is even worse, since they’re the most likely to have any methods of removal in their kit. Why not take this issue away completely? Purifying Rain will completely remove any Binds or Ailments from the entire team, and mark our words, you will regret not bringing this with you at some point, so make sure it’s always in your arsenal and you’ll do just fine.

Fusion Info

  • Gorgon learns this at level 32.
  • Dis learns this at level 42.
  • Thoth learns this at level 47.
  • Jinn learns this at level 56.
  • Norn innately knows this skill (Level 58)
  • Arahabaki learns this at level 66.
  • Hachiman innately knows this skill (Level 79)
  • Skill Card: Jinn.


3. Heroic Wind

Yosuke, Persona Q2
  • Recover 5% HP each turn.

There are some truly fantastic ways of restoring health in Persona Q2, but our absolute favourite ways to do so are passive in nature, meaning that they happen without any input from the player at all. Heroic Wind, and indeed another skill featured later in our list, are considered essential for this very reason. Whilst there are a few other skills that we’d consider more powerful, Heroic Wind has to be the most satisfying. Sure, 5% health restoration every round might not sound like a lot, and it’s really not when you’re only sporting a few hundred HP, but every little helps in these games and it’s a skill that scales with your team into the late game.

Fusion Info

  • Leanan Sidhe learns this at level 42.
  • Nidhoggr learns this at level 51.
  • Norn innately knows this skill (Level 58).
  • Bugs learns this at level 60.
  • Kohryu innately knows this skill (Level 68).
  • Skill Card: Kohryu.

2. Roads of Light

Yukari, Persona Q2
  • Slight MP restore for every step taken in a labyrinth.

Most of our favourite skills tend to revolve around the restoration of health, ideally in a passive fashion, but we all know that the truly essential resource is MP. This is the real run killer. The depletion of it essentially ends your current jaunt into a labyrinth and in the majority of cases you’ll have to fully return to the Cinema in order to have it restored, stunting your progress and often requiring a fair amount retracing your steps upon your return. Thankfully the late game reveals the incredible Navi skill, Roads of Light. Alongside it’s sister skill that restores HP – Path of Light – this skill will restore your MP every time you take a step in a labyrinth. This, combined with other skills in this list, mean that you can essentially explore as much as you want between returns, something that you’ll be very thankful for when you come up against some of the late game puzzling sections.

Fusion Info

  • Kohryu learns this at level 71.
  • Sandalphon innately knows this skill (Level 77).
  • Skill Card: Sandalphon.


1. Victory Cry

Ryuji, Persona Q2
  • 100% of HP restored after battle.

We’ve so far established that passive forms of both HP and MP are tremendously valuable, but by far the best version of the former has to be Victory Cry, which restores 100% of your HP after every battle. Much like our previous choice, you’ll have to wait until the late game to get your hands on this one, but combined they’ll completely take care of your resources as you progress towards the end of the game. There is a weaker version called Life Aid, which restores 20% of your HP after every battle, but Victory Cry is the true king of passive health restoration and you absolutely must get it in your kit as soon as possible.

Fusion Info

  • Kohryu innately knows this skill (Level 68).
  • Seth learns this at level 72.
  • Hachiman innately knows this skill (Level 79).
  • Skill Card: Hachiman.

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