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The 3 Best Early Switch Axes | Monster Hunter World

It’s hard to beat the Switch Axe for that Monster Hunter feeling. Other weapons, such as the Long Sword or Bow, at least exhibit some sort of basis in reality, but a massive axe that you can transform into a sword, thrust into the enemy and cause explosions doesn’t quite share the same history. It’s pure Monster Hunter of course, the fantastical meeting reality and physics in a glorious hot pot, and nothing quite typifies this notion more than the Switch Axe. It’s a tremendously fun weapon, one that’s capable of every feat that others manage and it does so with so much more style, verve and swagger. We could wax lyrical about this bad boy all day long, but let’s get down to it shall we? Keep reading to see our picks for the best Low Rank Switch Axes you can get your hands on.

Switch Axe #3: Thunder Axe

Thunder Axe, Monster Hunter World

Our first recommendation is a rather unusual one. In a sense, it doesn’t really have too many redeeming features. It does come with some good raw damage during the early upgrades, which is of course the real basis for damage with this weapon, and it does come with some thunder element damage which as we’ve established is great against some key monsters. Outside of these basic reasons the weapon isn’t too spectacular outside of it’s Power Phial, so why do we recommend it?

It’s main appeal comes from two things; it’s quite easy to craft in the early game, requiring mainly Tobi-Kadachi parts, and it has some absolutely fantastic upgrade options. That being the case, we’re recommending that you craft this weapon as an investment. As you work your way through Low, High and Master Rank, you’ll uncover some fantastic options for upgrading this thing. In High Rank you’ll be able to upgrade this thing into the Motor Chopper, which has excellent raw damage and some fire element, making it an ideal starting point for Iceborne. Once there, you can either double down and upgrade it into the Gigan Motor, or change it into the Rex Raider, a Blast version with fantastic raw damage. All of this just from one basic Thunder Switch Axe.

Early Features

  • Good early raw damage.
  • Power Phial is a great catch all solution.
  • Amazing upgrade options as you progress.


Switch Axe #2: Glacial Axe

Glacial Axe, Monster Hunter World

In certain circles, picking a Switch Axe that features a Power Element Phial is quite unorthodox. Yes, if you run the numbers a Power Phial tends to win out in most situations, but surely that shouldn’t mean that we just ignore the other models, right? We firmly believe in trying everything that Monster Hunter has to offer, because if nothing else these options are fun to play with. Hence, the Glacial Axe. This is essentially a weapon that you craft with Legiana parts, so you’ll need to get familiar with it a few times to get yourself the materials, and it’s a Switch Axe that focuses on dealing Ice elemental damage.

This particular model is the most powerful Ice element switch axe you can get your hands on, at least in terms of pure elemental damage, so it’s immediately useful against monsters weak to that element. You know, perhaps some of those that reside in a Volcano? Yes, this weapon will be very useful as you progress through the game. Teostra and Lunastra for example, are particularly weak to this. Again, this is somewhat of an investment, another Switch Axe that you should add to your repertoire, ready to pull out when the time comes. Oh, and upgrading this one into Iceborne triples down on it’s Ice features.

Early Features

  • Fantastic Ice damage.
  • Medium raw damage.
  • Great sharpness, especially as it upgrades.
  • Upgraded models are very useful against some of the harder High Rank monsters.


Switch Axe #1: Peal

Peal, Monster Hunter World

Look, you don’t need us to find you a Switch Axe that has a Power Phial and good raw damage, they’re all over the place and most of them are good options for you. We’re here to show you some great weapons that you might not consider, of which Peal is one. We’ve recommended Kirin weapons before, and whilst you might not like taking on the lightning pony at first, the weapons you can create from it’s parts are almost always worth it. In this case, you’ll get your hands on an incredible Thunder, Power Element Switch Axe.

We’ve extolled the virtues of the Thunder element before, so we won’t go into it too much, suffice to say it’s a very good element. This alone is a great reason to craft Peal, but its not without detriment. The raw damage isn’t as high as others, and the sharpness won’t pass blue until you reach Iceborne content. Consider this a very niche recommendation then, and one that should only really be used against those very weak to the Thunder element, and whilst that does make it sound a little weak, first consider the following Monsters that are very weak to this element: Bazelgeuse, Kushala Daora, Nergigante, Deviljo…. Some of the hardest monsters High Rank has to offer.

Early Features

  • Massive Thunder element damage.
  • Medium raw damage.
  • Capped at blue sharpness until Iceborne.
  • Fantastic against some very difficult monsters.

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