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The 3 Best Early Long Swords | Monster Hunter World

An ideal early weapon, the Long Sword is often the first refuge for new Monster Hunter World players. It’s a familiar stop off point for those baffled by the numerous systems that the series immediately throws at players. Unlike the Switch Axe say, or the Insect Glaive, at least the Long Sword exists in other games. Monster Hunter is unlike any other of course, but at least you’ll roughly know what you’re getting into with this weapon.

Still, despite the Long Sword being familiar in a new players eyes, there’s a positively deafening amount of choice on offer. Affinity, Elements and Sharpness all muddy the waters and often leave the new hunter wondering exactly where they should aim to progress. Today then, we’re going to detail three of the best Long Swords that Monster Hunter World has to offer in the Low Rank portion of the game. Aim to grab a few of the following and you’ll find your hunts get that little bit easier.

Long Sword #3: Wyvern Blade “Leaf”

Early Long Sword, Wyvern Blade "Leaf", Monster Hunter World

Our first Long Sword recommendation will be one familiar to established Monster Hunter fans. The Wyvern Blade “Leaf” is, essentially, the Rathian Long Sword, and it’s one that has featured in multiple previous titles in the series. Often it comes with a good amount of Poison damage at the expense of raw damage output, and the World iteration is no different. The weapon is never going to break any speedrun records, but being able to access Poison at an early level is a great benefit in any Monster Hunter game.

There are always arguments against slower, infrequently hitting weapons that have status effects on them – most players favour quicker weapons to build up that status sooner – but in this case the budding hunter will find the added damage tremendously useful in the Low Rank portion of Monster Hunter World. Add the affinity into the mix and the fact that it’s easy to craft thanks to quests requiring plenty of Rathian kills, and it makes for an ideal target for crafting for beginners.

Early Features

  • Poison is useful against numerous early monsters.
  • Can upgrade into Fire based weapon once Rathalos is unlocked.
  • Very easy to craft early in the game.
  • Small added Affinity increases the damage output.
  • Comes with a helping of nostalgia.


Long Sword #2: Anja Scimitar

Early Long Sword, Anja Scimitar, Monster Hunter World

Low Rank really takes a step up when the Anjanath is introduced, so where the previous Long Sword was quite simple to craft, we expect this one might a few problems, especially for new players. Taking down the fiery dinosaur is certainly a bit of a pain at first, but it’s worth persevering for a weapon such as this. The Anja Scimitar comes equipped with a huge chunk of Fire element damage, and whilst that’s not going to be tremendously helpful when you reach the Volcano locale later on, it’ll do some great damage to early monsters and even hold its own in Iceborne once upgraded.

No doubt some will point at the negative affinity, and whilst we do agree that in the absolute early game this can be a pain, hunters will soon get their hands on affinity increasing items and abilities that nullify this. With that out of the way, you’ll be left with some of the highest Fire element available on a Long Sword, and one that will stand you in good stead for the remainder of the game, upgrades permitting. The advent of Iceborne has given it another upgrade option too, moving it into a Thunder direction which, as noted in our last pick, is a very useful element throughout.

Early Features

  • High Fire elemental damage.
  • Once levelled up, has the highest Fire element damage possible.
  • Has gained some great upgrade options in Iceborne.


Long Sword #1: Kadachi Fang

Early Long Sword, Kadachi Fang, Monster Hunter World

When it comes to Low Rank Long Swords, nothing holds a candle to the Kadachi Fang. It’s unique combination of Affinity, Raw Damage and Thunder element makes it a force to be reckoned with at every stage of Monster Hunter World, Low Rank included. Having other swords one number behind this thing on a list feels a bit strange actually – in our eyes the Kadachi Fang is orders of magnitude better than any other option in the early game.

For starters there is the raw damage, which whilst not being the highest available at the time, certainly competes with anything else on offer. Then there is the affinity, which at 15% is likely to be the best you’ll get your hands on for a while, from a Long Sword perspective at least. Last but by no means least is the real star of the show: High Thunder element damage. Throughout Low Rank and High Rank, World is littered with difficult monsters that are weak to this element, so grabbing this bad boy is sure to tip the scales in your favour.

Of course there are Long Swords that outclass it in certain situations, especially as the game grows into its latter portions, but for the early and mid portions of the game this weapon is a complete powerhouse. Sure, the release of Iceborne we have seen quite a few Thunder monster additions, but for the game that precedes this portion, the Kadachi Fang is a fantastic addition to your arsenal.

Early Features

  • Great base damage at rank 1.
  • Thunder element is strong against a lot of early high rank challenges.
  • 15% affinity is a nice bonus.

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