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Forming The Best Party | Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

There are seven possible party members in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, but only three slots available in your active battle team. The remaining four will contribute with Session attacks of course, but the main team are those that are expected to triumph over the opposition. Of the seven choices some are more inclined to support your team rather than do damage, so it’s wise to pick your main performers based on the type of party you want to roll with. Perhaps you want to destroy your enemies before they have a chance to respond, favouring pure damage over defence? Or maybe you just want to outlast any and all opponents?

To help form your ideal party we’ve gone ahead and broken down three recommended teams, each based on their goals as a party. There’s room for more choice of course, and we’ll mention alternatives when they come up, but the below team builds are those that we’ve found the most success with.

Full Sustain Party

Battle Party Screen 1, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Itsuki
  • Mamori
  • Tsubasa

Sustain parties are always present in RPG games. Pile together your best defensive and healing options, throw your best buffs on them and bunker down to weather any and every storm that gets thrown your way. It’s an option present in almost every turn based game, and it’s one that functions well in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, filled as it is with Savage Encounters and epic boss battles. It’s especially relevant on higher difficulty levels of course, but even after three play throughs of the game – plus two on the Wii U original – we’ll admit to falling back on this option a few times, even on normal difficulty. Needs must sometimes, you know?

It works in practice much like the theory. Istuki has the ability to output some good damage, and that’s his main use here. He will still throw some buffs around when necessary, but for the most part his teammates will cover this requirement whilst he focuses on doing some damage. Tsubasa is the main healer of course, capable as she is of restoring far more health than is ever required, though her spell and attack diversity will mean she can occasionally start Sessions if your health isn’t suffering. That leaves Mamori to take care of the defence, and her wealth of covering, defending and buffing skills will ensure that the party takes little to no damage the majority of the time. As a team it functions like a solid rock, able to withstand just about any encounter the game has to offer. It’ll suffer from a damage perspective of course, but you can probably just attrition your way to victory.

Party Positives

  • Can outlast anything TMS#FE-E can throw at you.
  • Great range of buffs, heals and tanking abilities.
  • Good weapon and ability diversity for Sessions.
  • Very survivable against bosses.

Party Negatives

  • Lacking in damage.
  • Not great at clearing out random battles in one round.
  • Boss fights will be slow going.


Full Damage Party

Battle Party Screen 2, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Itsuki
  • Kiria
  • Yashiro or Touma

In stark opposition to the sustain party, the full damage party focuses on eliminating any and all opponents before they become a threat. Most games do offer something akin to this, however it functions even better in TMS#FE-E thanks to the Session system. These long strings of attacks can completely eliminate the entire opponent party in one go, or at the very least completely cripple them, and starting them off with the biggest damage dealers gives you the best chance of eliminating them.

As you might imagine, every team member here is designed to inflict as much damage as possible. Should you choose to side with Yashiro or Touma, you’ll want Itsuki to focus primarily on spell damage or physical abilities respectively. Either way he’ll be able to put out some great damage whilst also being the main buffing character. Yashiro and Kiria will combine to simply put out huge damage figures with their abilities, so lean into their strengths and grab the biggest and best attacking skills possible. Itsuki is essentially being an enabler here, so it would be wise to perhaps pick up a healing skill…

Or just pick up more attacking skills with Itsuki and rely on items for healing and buffs like us. More damage is always good right?

Party Positives

  • Puts out huge amounts of damage.
  • Good enough weapon diversity, Touma even more so.
  • Will demolish random battles.
  • Great spell diversity with Kiria.
  • Encourages a spell based Itsuki build.

Party Negatives

  • Will struggle to negate damage.
  • Harder to make work on higher difficulty levels.
  • Slightly consumable dependant.
  • May require Itsuki to have a buffing / healing component to his skills.


Well Balanced Party

Battle Party Screen 3, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore
  • Itsuki
  • Kiria, Yashiro or Touma
  • Mamori

Finally, we settle on a balanced party make up, one that will perform well no matter the situation or difficulty level. This team is capable of providing everything the team could need, whilst still being able to output a great deal of damage and Session initiations. Often times we’ll find ourselves falling into this kind of team build, especially when attempting higher difficulties.

Itsuki will continue to be your moulding piece, but we’d recommend you hook him up with some good buffs and attacks – a healing spell can be taken, but items should cover most of your requirements here, especially with Mamori on side. Speaking of which, she’ll be providing her defensive cover as usual, though if you’re finding things are going well we’d lean into some of her damage skills a little more here. Kiria will of course bring the pain as usual, so just load her up with elemental skills and watch your enemies dissolve.

You can switch Kiria out for Yashiro or Touma here, but this is more down to personal preference, since she’ll almost certainly be able to hit on a weakness at any point – the others are less likely to do so in general. As a bit of a bonus, with the switch of Mamori alone, this team can flex into a full damage build very quickly.

Party Positives

  • Able to cope with anything TMS#FE-E brings.
  • Ideal mixture of damage, defence and attack.
  • Great spell and weapon diversity.
  • Can stick with bosses almost as well as the sustain team.

Party Negatives

  • May struggle to output enough damage in a few niche cases.
  • Itsuki may become a bit of a ‘buff’ bot.

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