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The 10 Best Skills You Must Keep | Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Choosing the correct skills to keep is critical in a game such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore. The games’ battle system revolves around learning new and improved abilities via the Carnage crafting system. New dungeons – Idolaspheres rather – come long at a brisk pace, each replete with a bunch of new Mirage enemies ready to drop you new loot and in turn, new recipes, new weapons and you guessed it, new skills. This system repeats multiple times, leaving you positively brimming with skill choices by the time the mid game rolls around. Great news of course, after all who doesn’t like new skills, but it does present a problem, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore only allows for a limited amount of skills to be equipped at once, and any not chosen will be forgotten.

10. Megidolaon

Megidolaon Skill, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

First up is a spell that’s sure to be familiar to fans of Persona games, or the Shin Megami Tensei series in general. The description often changes, though it’s mainly labelled an ‘Almighty’ spell of sorts, but the main inference there is that it cannot be repelled or blocked like other elemental spells. This is great news obviously, and the spell will do significant damage in the hands of Kiria, but it’s worth noting that it cannot start a session, and in most cases a session will do more damage if you can get one going. We mainly keep it as a way of doing damage to awkward enemies, more frequently encountered in the latter third of the game.

Skill Benefits

  • Huge magic damage.
  • Cannot be resisted outside of magic barriers.
  • Great for clearing groups of awkward enemies with limited weaknesses.

9. Charge / Concentrate

Speaking of familiar skills, Charge and Concentrate return for TMS#FE-E, and they’re just as powerful as ever, if not more so. They still do the same basic thing; Charge will double the power of the next physical attack and Concentrate will do the same for Magic, but the wrinkle here is that they also influence the subsequent Session damage. Once you unlock these skills your Sessions are likely to be climbing in length, so making use of this can be devastating if planned correctly.

Skill Benefits

  • Magic is very powerful in TMS #FE Encore.
  • Can be used to buff any magic damage.
  • Counts towards any other magic used in the session.


8. Shellsplitter

Compared to other weapons in TMS#FE-E, the Axe seems to have more limited uses. This is probably by design, given that your only Axe user is likely to be firing off skills that protect the party more often than not. It does still see some use however, especially around the mid game after Mamori joins, and one particular ability makes a great case for being saved: Shellsplitter. Of course, Mamori has some fantastic defensive abilities and we’d certainly recommend that you keep them, but you’ll want to keep at least one good attacking ability, which is where Shellsplitter steps in. It’ll do some nice damage whilst lowering the defence of the target – what’s not to like?

Skill Benefits

  • A powerful strike in it’s own right.
  • Enemies with reduced defence will take more damage from physicals in the session.

7. AOE Weapon Skills

Myriad Arrows Skill, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

No matter what JRPG you’re playing, they all tend to have one thing in common: Trash mobs. Some are hosted in random battles, others wander around the world waiting for you to bump into them, and some like TMS#FE-E fall somewhere between with random spawning, pursuing mirages. Regardless, they’re everywhere and tend to roam in larger and larger packs as the game progresses. What better way to deal with them than huge, damaging AOE weapon attacks? These abilities, such as Myriad Arrows or Heat Wave, never stop being useful, so keep them around.

Skill Benefits

  • Excellent way to deal group physical damage.
  • Will still start a session, even if only one target is weak.


6. Tetrakarn / Makarakarn

Sometimes you can do absolutely everything right; all of your party buffs are active, you’ve completed as many Sessions as possible and you’ve removed enemies from the field of battle. Yet some of them still stand, and you’ve only got one small character left to act. Luckily, said little character – Mamori, most likely – can guarantee that your team block either a physical or magical attack each, though Tetrakarn and Makarakarn respectively. Use them, they’re literally life savers.

Skill Benefits

  • Can completely nullify an entire round of enemy damage.
  • Buys you some time to heal.
  • Both of these points are very valid on some of the later, harder bosses.

5. ‘Dyne Skills

We’ve already established just how good a certain spell caster is in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore, and these skills are one of the main reasons why. We’re talking about the huge, elemental AOE spells. As noted above in the physical versions they’re essential for clearing out vast swathes of enemies. The reason these spells are higher up the list comes down to one thing: A large amount of these are available on a single character, Kiria. With one party choice you’ll have the key to multiple elemental Session starters, each of which deal huge damage to the whole enemy team whilst doing so.

Skill Benefits

  • Powerful, damaging spells in their own right.
  • Great way to damage huge groups of enemies whilst starting a session.
  • Use with caution in the late game – immune opponents can ruin a session.


4. Wallbreaker

Wallbreaker Skill, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

It’s rather unfortunate that you’ll have to wait two thirds of the game to get your hands on this skill, but once you do it’s definitely worth keeping. Wallbreaker is a Sword attack that removes the targets Null and Repel resistances, essentially significantly reducing their ability to deal with your attacks. It doesn’t stop them from being resistant to certain attacks, but it means that your Sessions won’t be stopped in their tracks thanks to one rogue element in the chain. It may only have niche uses, but it makes such a difference that we had to consider it this high in our list.

Skill Benefits

  • Per the previous skill, null or repel units can ruin a session.
  • As such, stripping these away unlocks your full sessions.
  • As a heavy attack, it’ll deal a great deal of damage and starts a sword session.

3. Debilitate

Shocking isn’t it, that a game with it’s roots in Shin Megami Tensei has a Debilitate skill that’s very useful? As per usual, the skill vastly diminishes the opponents attack, defence, evasion and accuracy, and as per usual this is absolutely awesome. It’s going to have limited uses outside of boss battles of course, but if we’re honest with each other here, those are the only really challenging battles in TMS#FE-E. Savage encounters can be a pain, but you’re unlikely to have time to cast Debilitate there.

Skill Benefits

  • Strips away layers of defence, avoid and attack.
  • Amazing against single targets, especially bosses.
  • Follow up sessions will deal much more damage, and the enemy is significantly less deadly.


2. Dual Dispatch

As far as skills go, Dual Dispatch seems like it should fall off before the end of the game, after all it’s only a ‘Medium’ damaging ability. Most of these get replaced by a ‘Heavy’ version or such to facilitate the growth of your team members. Not so with Dual Dispatch – it never upgrades. Sure, you’ll get your hands on better abilities that target a single vulnerability, but nothing that counters both like this, no matter how far you get through the story line. It’s worth keeping this skill by your side throughout the games’ entirety, especially given the limited slots you have available. It’s a great option for upgrading first to increase it’s power too, once you unlock the upgrading Carnage options.

Skill Benefits

  • Armoured and Horseback units are a constant in this game.
  • More units than you might expect count as Horseback.
  • Having an attack that strikes two weaknesses is immensely valuable.

1. Wyrmicide

Wyrmicide Skill, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

This one is rather obvious, or rather it’s obvious for fans of a certain tactical, grid based JRPG. In short, there’s always going to be dragons in a game that takes its cues from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, so it’s best to ensure you’re always prepared. By the time this skill comes around the game has just started to turn towards it’s dragon-y latter third, so once you get your hands on this it’s best to keep a hold. We’d certainly recommend you put a few levels on it too, if possible. Slightly spoiler-y TL;DR version?The last boss is weak to it.

Skill Benefits

  • Powerful attack versus Dragon enemy types.
  • This particular enemy type becomes more prevalent as the game progresses.
  • Some very important bosses are weak to this, including the final one.

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