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Top 3 Best Low Rank Dual Blades in MHGU

Ah Dual Blades, how we love you as a Monster Hunter weapon, particularly in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. What we really don’t love however, is Dual Blades in the early, low rank section of Monster Hunter titles. They eat through their sharpness and when such things are at a premium down in the early game, it can be awkward to find some that really work out.

Happily during our time with MHGU we managed to find a few that really helped us out. So join us as we detail our Top 3 Best Low Rank Dual Blades in MHGU!

Dual Blades: Khezu Daggers

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Dual Blades

We love Dual Blades, let’s get that straight first of all. They’re probably the weapon we have the most hours played with, closely tied with the LS, GS and LBG. What we really don’t love however, is fighting a Khezu. It’s not any degree of difficulty in hunting it, nor is it any particularly troublesome move set that annoys us. Rather it’s the sheer amount of health that the beast has that annoys us so much, especially when you’re in low rank gear.

Softening the blow of having to hunt it so much however, are these Dual Blades. Not only do they come with a good chunk of immediate green sharpness, but they also have a small amount of paralysis damage on there. It’s only a small amount of course, especially at this low level, but it’s certainly a handy addition and something your team mates will appreciate when you jump into the Hub for some multiplayer action.

How to get it:

The Flabby Hide and the Electro Sac come from hunting Khezu, and you should have no shortage of materials as you play through MHGU, especially given that certain quests ask you to hunt two of the annoying flabby screamer!

Malachite Ore is fairly self explanatory, being something you’ll mine plenty of during low rank.

The Lightcrystal can be a little more annoying. The best way to get your hands on this is to hunt a Gypceros and wound it’s head. Again you’ll be fighting these during low rank so it should be doable!

Dual Blades: Smoldering Cities

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Dual Blades

Speaking of monsters that you’ll spend plenty of time taking on, the next Dual Blades we’re highlighting are the Smoldering Cities, or the Glavenus Dual Blades. Not only do these things have an awesome design – fashion hunting is a real thing don’t you know – but they also have a respectable amount of raw damage. Combine this with some fire damage, something that will be very handy when you get into High Rank and start hitting those ice monsters again, and the fact that it comes with a slot, and you’re left with some of the best Low Rank Dual Blades around.

How to get it:

The three main Glavenus parts, as you might imagine, come from fighting the monster itself. Something you’ll do on your way into High Rank via the urgent quests. This is certainly something worth repeating, especially since you’ll also probably want to make his armour.

The Monster Bone+ can be a little more annoying. Though you’ll note from our screenshot that you’ll end up with plenty of them. In Low Rank, you’ll find this by completing 5 star quests against large monsters, mostly in your quest rewards. Don’t stress too much about this one, you’ll get plenty over time.

As a bonus tip – don’t worry about trying to kill the Glavenus in the 3 star quests where you meet the Fated Four. It has hugely inflated health, and even if you do slay it you won’t get any monster parts in the rewards!


Dual Blades: Twin Bolts

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Dual Blades

From one Fated Four monster to another, this time in the form of Astalos and the Twin Bolts Dual Blades. At this point you’re probably a bit confused, after all you only fight these two during the transition to High Rank, so why highlight them for Low Rank? Well, bear with us here, it will all make sense..

If you’ve read any of our other MHGU articles, in particular this one about Low Rank armour, you’ll be able to get your hands on some equipment that gives you more affinity, or critical hit chance. That Nargacuga set will give you a nice extra chunk of affinity to go along with it’s sweet evasion skill – 20%, with a little work. If only you could find a nicely strong, green sharpness set of Dual Blades that came with affinity themselves…?

Yes the Twin Bolts, along with the Nargacuga set of armour, is one of our favourite set ups when moving from Low Rank to High Rank. Not only will you get to see that satisfying slash of a critical hit, doing good damage to the monster, but you’ll also be better at evading, something that will serve you well as you learn the new High Rank monsters! We loved this set of equipment so much, it carried our uneducated behinds all the way to the end of the Village quest line, after a bit of upgrading. We used it so much in fact, that sets without affinity now feel a little less satisfying as a result…

How to get it:

To start with, Dragonite Ore is fairly easy to get your hands on. We have a page here to show you where to go if you need some in Low Rank in fact.

The Astalos Membrane and Scale are simple enough, each being found simply by hunting the monster a few times over.

The Astalos Wingtalon is a bit more annoying. The best way to get these is to make sure you capture the monster whenever you can, and by damaging the wings, which gives the most chance for these to show up in the quest rewards. Happily we’ve found this fairly easy to do – the damned thing will flap it’s wings at you plenty of times during the hunts, giving you ample time to get some damage done.

That’s all for our Low Rank Dual Blades. Let us know what you think down below! Perhaps you’ve found some better options, or you might just want to ask us some questions for additional tips and info?

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