Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Breeder Jaime

Breeder Jaime is the first trainer on Route 4 in Pokemon Sword & Shield. For us, we had just bumbled our way through the Trainer (Rival) Bede fight at the end of the Galar Mine, so we were feeling a little bit worse for wear at the time. Happily, Jaime’s choice of Pokemon gave us a good opportunity to bring out an old reliable Pokemon.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Breeder Jaime

Breeder Jaime

Location: Route 4

We find Breeder Jaime standing next to a wall, seemingly lost in his thoughts. Still, we’ve met these breeder types before, he’s probably plotting something evil – look at that innocent face, we’re not buying it. We’d better stop him before he creates some kind of experimental Pokemon monstrosity intent on ruling the world with an iron fist.

To the business of defeating him then! Let’s take a look at what this heinous madman has for us!


MeowthSteel Type – Level 13

  • Weaknesses: Fighting, Ground and Fire Type
  • Resistances: Dark & Ghost Type
  • Immunity: Psychic Type
  • Notes: High Attack, lower Special Defence than Physical Defence

butterfreeBug & Flying Type – Level 15

  • Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Fire, Flying and Rock Type
  • Resistances: Bug, Grass and Fighting Type
  • Immunity: Ground Type
  • Notes: Very high Special Defence and high Speed


  • Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Poison, Bug and Flying Type
  • Resistances: Grass, Water, Electric and Ground Type
  • Immunity: None
  • Notes: High Defence, low Special Defence

Pokemon Sword & Shield Breeder Jaime


Look, you can even see an ‘X’ marked on the rock nearby, which is clearly the solid target this terror makes his Pokemon bash into when they don’t do what he says! Disgusting.

Anyway, to the business of taking down his Pokemon, and for this one we had to break out quite a few before we found a good combination. This was great news for us, because the best part of Pokemon games is coming up against a tricky combination and finding the best ways to overcome it. We will admit to simply having to overpower the Meowth with our starter – we weren’t expecting it to now be a Steel Type if we’re honest – but once we got through that part we had plenty of better ways to deal with the rest, so let’s get to our recommendations.

Recommended Pokemon

Let’s be honest, Meowth is the awkward one here following it’s change to Steel Type in this generation. Luckily there are quite a few Fighting Type Pokemon that you could have caught up to this point. We had our trusty Pancham in our group, but you could also have a Machop found in the wilds before Motostoke.

Your choice of starter may make light work of the remaining two, however for those struggling we’d recommend a Flying Type, mainly because they’re easily found in the early part of the game. As you may have noticed in our screenshot, Wingull made a return to action for us, though we will admit that it’s low defences are starting to become a problem. We could have also fetched a Rookidee to do the job just as well.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Breeder Jaime

Another evil dictator taken care of. You’re welcome, world.

Hah he’s even keeping up the facade! Pretending to get a paltry breeder’s salary! There will be another loot window soon enough trust us – slaying evil is bound to get us more reward than this… Unless it turns out he is actually just a lowly farm lad…

Erm.. This is awkward.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Breeder Jaime

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