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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Schoolboy Peter

Next up – Schoolboy Peter! He can be found on Route 3 and much like males of a certain age, he seems to enjoy collecting bugs. He’s also the last trainer that you’ll battle on Route 3, so let’s show him what for and get moving on!

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Schoolboy Peter

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolboy Peter

Location: Route 3

Pokemon: Sizzlipede lv.13, Dottler lv.14

Trainers with Bug Pokemon really make us feel nostalgic. It’s like we’re back taking those first steps out of Oak’s lab and into the tall grass. Anyhow, Peter will bring out two bug Pokemon, both of which are quite unusual.

Firstly he’ll bring out Sizzlipede. This Pokemon is a Fire and Bug Type, which is weak to Rock, Water and Flying. It’s resistant to Steel, Bug, Fighting, Ice, Fairy and Grass Type. It also has no immunity to any type.

Secondly he will bring out Dottler, which is a Bug and Psychic Type. This makes it weak to Ghost, Bug, Flying, Fire, Dark and Rock. It is resistant to Grass, Psychic, Ground and Flying. It also has no immunity to any type.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolboy Peter


Much like some of the other early game trainers, Peter’s Pokemon both share some weaknesses. In this case it’s flying, and if you’ve been following our story so far you’ll probably note that we’ve recommended grabbing at least one of these types before! As you can see from our screenshots, it just so happens that we were levelling one of our own flying Pokemon before we ran into Peter.

Recommended Pokemon

Can you guess which Pokemon we’d recommend? Yes that’s right, Wingull is an ideal Pokemon for these fights. In fact, our Wingull took down both of his without issue at all. Rookidee would work fine too, along with any other flyers that you’ve found!

Neither of these have a great deal of physical defence, so if you can’t hit their weakness then just throw some scratches or tackles at them and you should do fine. Take care though, their special moves might hit your weaknesses and make the fight a little more annoying! Fire in particular might cause you a few issues with Sizzlipede.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolboy Peter

We’re finally done with Route 3 and if we’re honest it was pretty simple. Nothing too hard, but we’re eager to get further and see if we can find some true challenges!

Thanks for the dosh Peter! Poor lad looks a bit confused… Maybe branch out and catch some other types!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolboy Peter

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