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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Schoolgirl Kayleigh

Next up is Schoolgirl Kayleigh on our run through Route 3 in Pokemon Sword & Shield. She’s slightly off the main path, but we spied a yellow Pokeball on our way here and if we want it then we’re going to have to take her on! let’s see what she has to offer shall we?

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Schoolgirl Kayleigh

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolgirl Kayleigh

Location: Route 3

Pokemon: Purrloin lv.12, Skwovet lv.13

Yet another trainer bringing more than one Pokemon – looks like Sword & Shield is similar to prior games, gradually introducing longer battles as the game progresses. That’s just fine with us, it gives us a chance to break out some new Pokemon to battle with and level up. So, what does she bring to the fight?

Firstly she’ll bring out a Purrloin, which is a Dark Type. This makes it weak to Bug, Fighting and Fairy Type. It’s Resistant to Dark and Ghost, whilst being immune to Psychic Type. It’s also worth noting that it’s a fast Pokemon, but it’s defences are low.

Next up she’ll bring out a Skwovet, which is a Normal Type. This one is weak to Fighting, has no resistances but it’s immune to Ghost. It also has below average speed and a low special defence.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolgirl Kayleigh


Eagle eyed readers may have noticed a small trend running through both opponents right there: Fighting Type. Yes that’s right, they’re both weak to Fighting Type attacks. I wonder what we should do with this information hmm? Time to break out your best Fighting Pokemon and make light work of both!

If you don’t have a Fighting Type Pokemon then you should still manage just fine with your starter – neither of these really have much that can hit a weakness of each of them too well. Stick to special attacks against the Skwovet to take it down quicker – the type won’t matter given it’s lack of resistances.

Recommended Pokemon

As you can see we used a Pancham, which we caught in the Wilds area just before Motostoke. By this time ours had some nicely powerful Fighting Type attacks which easily defeated both of the opponents. Machop is another option that you will easily find in the Wilds. Alternatively your starter, depending on the one chosen, may even know a Fighting Type attack by now, which will work just as well.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolgirl Kayleigh

Another trainer down and we’re off to get our piece of loot! Interestingly enough her face looks slightly more sad at the loss of money than the actual battle…

Turns out that youths have less cash on them than Postmen, who knew?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Schoolgirl Kayleigh

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