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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Postman Tad

Postman Tad is the next trainer in our Pokemon Sword & Shield trainer series. Following on from our previous battle, Postman Tad can be found further down Route 3 – you’ll most likely run into him as you’re finding items laying around. Let’s see what he delivers!

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Postman Tad

Pokemon Sword & Shield Postman Tad

Location: Route 3

Pokemon: Delibird lv.14

Funny, we’re pretty sure the poem had something to do with a black and white cat. Anyway, Postman Tad brings a Delibird to the battle at level 14, which is the highest level single Pokemon you’re likely to have faced so far. The battle itself might be tricky, especially if you’ve been using your flying Pokemon to defeat all those recent trainers.

His Delibird is an Ice & Flying Type. This makes it weak to Electric, Rock, Fire and Steel. It is resistant to Grass and Bug Type and fully immune to Ground Type. Statistically speaking it’s quite a fast Pokemon with a high special attack stat, but both it’s physical defence and special defence is quite low.

Pokemon Sword & Shield Postman Tad


Any fears you might have about coming up against an unusual Pokemon are soon put to rest when you find out it’s abilities. Delibird has one ability called Present, which will likely deal a moderate amount of physical damage to your Pokemon OR… It might also heal your Pokemon. We’ve taken on Postman Tad twice now and in both battles it healed us one time out of every three – we’re not sure that’s the exact percentage chance but it certainly doesn’t pose much of a challenge at all.

In fact you’re more likely to be bothered about dealing damage to the Delibird and getting the battle finished rather than feeling any degree of danger.

Recommended Pokemon

Whilst it’s possible to have any of it’s weaknesses in play by now, you really won’t need it. The Fire Type starter Pokemon will of course completely destroy the Delibird, yet for a more novel approach we opted for bringing out our freshly-caught-on-Route-3 Pokemon, Klink. It’s electric moves soon took it down, despite their relative weakness. We’d recommend catching one of those either way, if for no other reason that it’s cool design. Rolycoly will also do great if you’ve just caught one, especially if it’s level 10 already and sporting it’s Smack Down ability.

Pokemon Sowrd & Shield Postman Tad

Pun based jokes come to an end then as Postman Tad gets taken care of. We’re off to see what else we can find in Route 3 – there must be more treasure hanging around here somewhere, and we’re pretty sure we saw a yellow Pokeball on that hilltop just around this corner.

That’s a nice chunk of change you’ve given us there Tad, they must pay their Postal workers well in Galar huh?

Pokemon Sword & Shield Postman Tad

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