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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Lass Rei

Welcome to our new series of articles, looking to detail every single Non-Gym or Rival trainer battle throughout Pokemon Sword & Shield. We’ll be including details about the Pokemon they use and tips for how to beat each one, so if you’re looking for some help or you just want to read about our trainer battles, then look no further!

Lass Rei

Pokemon Lass Rei

Location: Route 3

Pokemon: Vulpix Lv. 12

Lass Rei will be the first trainer you encounter upon leaving Motostoke and starting to make your way through Route 3. She shouldn’t present you too many issues, especially if you’ve made it through the latest story encounter.

Her Pokemon, Vulpix, is a Fire Type which is weak to Ground, Water and Rock Type. It’s resistant to Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice and Fairy Type, but it has no immunity to any type.

Pokemon Lass Rei


Depending on your starter you may be able to take advantage of the water weakness, however if you picked either of the others you should still have no issue here – The Vulpix has a lower physical defence than special, so sticking to things like Tackle or Scratch with your starters should do just fine.

You’ll likely be at a high enough level, but if you’re still reeling from the latest story battle that takes place upon exiting Motostoke you may want to consider heading back to heal up before taking on Route 3.

Recommended Pokemon

In terms of hitting the other weaknesses, you’re unlikely to have any Ground or Rock type moves at this point, though you might have happened upon a Water Type by now (besides your starter choice) – Wingull is readily available in the wilds area and being a Water & Flying Type, it comes with Water Gun, which will make light work of Vulpix.

Otherwise, stick with something that has a high attack power and you’ll do just fine!

Pokemon Lass Rei

She doesn’t look to happy now does she? Oh well, it’s on wards and upwards for us as we make our way further down Route 3!

These young ones do like to carry a lot of cash around don’t they?

Pokemon Lass Rei

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