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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Youngster Benjamin

Welcome to our new series of articles, looking to detail every single Non-Gym or Rival trainer battle throughout Pokemon Sword & Shield. We’ll be including details about the Pokemon they use and tips for how to beat each one, so if you’re looking for some help or you just want to read about our trainer battles, then look no further!

Youngster Benjamin

Pokemon Youngster Benjamin

Location: Route 2

Pokemon: Blipbug – Lv.5, Nickit – Lv.7

Youngster Benjamin can be found at the end of Route 2, just before you reach the Professor’s house with Hop. The battle is unavoidable and this time your opponent has more than one Pokemon to field.

The first Pokemon that Youngster Benjamin brings to the battle is Blipbug which, unsurprisingly, is a Bug Type. This is weak to Fire, Flying and Rock Type, but resistant to Fighting, Ground and Grass Type.

Second to this, Youngster Benjamin will throw out Nickit, a Dark Type Pokemon, which is weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy Type, resistant to Ghost and Dark Type and Immune to Psychic Type.

Pokemon Youngster Benjamin


Blipbug is up first and depending on your starter, this battle can go one of a few ways: If you chose Scorbunny, then you can throw an Ember attack at the bug to remove it immediately. If you didn’t choose the fire type starter, then you’re best off using some normal physical attacks – whilst Blipbug isn’t weak to water and resists grass, it’s defence rating is very low, so some regular physical attacks will take it down in short order. Depending on what you’ve captured to this point, you may have a flying Pokemon that can also easily defeat the bug.

Next up is Nickit, which at level 7 may be slightly closer to your current level, depending on how much time you’ve spent battling and capturing. This one still shouldn’t pose too much trouble – whilst it is a quick Pokemon with some high defence against special moves, you will do some good damage to it with some basic attacks. You can technically have a Bug attack by now, however you’ll manage just fine with your starter Pokemon.

Recommended Pokemon

If you have a Rookidee by now, which we would recommend grabbing from Route 1, then it will quickly delete the Bug type and do quite well against the second. Your choice of starter will do just fine however, in particular Scorbunny, but it’s always fun to try some of your new captures!

Pokemon Youngster Benjamin

Another trainer bites the dust! Pocket that interesting amount of cash and get moving to the Prof’s house!

Keep your eyes peeled to the left of the house for a water pool you can interact with and capture a certain weak water Pokemon…

Pokemon Youngster Benjamin

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