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How To Unlock All 4 Obelisks | Stardew Valley

Being able to travel via Obelisk is an absolute godsend in Stardew Valley. These are essentially teleporters that transport your character to another part of the valley, but besides saving on shoe leather and time, they’re also a requirement for achieving perfection in the game. So whilst they do require a commitment in time and resources, it’s absolutely worth investing in them, especially for completionists. So, if you like the sound of fast travel and perfection, continue reading and we’ll guide you on your way.

Four Obelisks, Stardew Valley

Obelisk Requirements

As noted, there are four Obelisks available to position on your farm, however before you can set about unlocking and positioning them, there are quite a few steps that you must complete. They’re unlocked and built via the Wizards Tower, and getting the Wizard to work with you will require the following steps to be completed first:

  • Complete the Community Centre or JojaMart.
  • Donate at least 60 items to the Museum to unlock the Sewers.
  • Head to the Spa to meet the Wizard.
  • He’ll give you a quest to get his Ink back.
  • Head to the Sewers and talk to Krobus, to unlock the left side.
  • Fight your way through enemies on the left side of the Sewer to collect the Dark Talisman (don’t forget to catch a Slimejack whilst you’re down there!).
  • Back in the Spa area, you can now remove the barrier to enter the swamp (where you can also catch a Void Salmon!).
  • Head over to the Goblin, who requires Void Mayonnaise to be bribed.
  • You can buy a Void Egg from Krobus to use in a Mayo Machine to create this. The recipe for this is discovered from a Lost Book in the Library.
  • Once bribed, you can pass the Goblin and head into the Witch’s Hut to retrieve the Ink.
  • Use the red rune on the floor here to return to the Wizard’s Tower.
  • Hand over the Ink, and you now have access to the Obelisk plans!

Earth Obelisk, Stardew Valley

Earth Obelisk

  • 10 x Iridium Bars
  • 10 x Earth Crystals
  • 500,000g

Technically speaking, the Earth Obelisk is the least useful of the devices, because it transports you the least distance, to the Mountains. However, for the sake of completion it needs to be done, and it would only end up itching your brain if you had three out of four now, wouldn’t it? Anyway, you can grab yourself plenty of Earth Crystals in the early portions of the Mines, and Iridium can be grabbed most frequently in the Skull Caverns. Once you have these, along with the notably large amount of cash required, head over to the Wizard’s Tower to purchase it. You can then use the book there to reposition it on your farm, where it’ll occupy a 3×2 space. 


Water Obelisk, Stardew Valley

Water Obelisk

  • 5 x Iridium Bars
  • 10 x Coral
  • 10 x Clams
  • 500,000g

You’ll first note that one particular item repeats itself here, and does so for every single Obelisk. Yes, you’ll need to grab yourself quite a lot of Iridium for the bar requirements, so whilst you’re out there gathering in the Skull Caverns or such, make sure you get a bumper load to cover them all. Regarding the Water Obelisk then, you’ll need to forage and fish up Coral and Clams to go along with the Iridium, which can be found via foraging west of the farm house on Ginger Island and Crab Pots respectively. Gold requirements exist for each of the Obelisks, which can be a pain if you’re saving for the Golden Clock, but at least the Water version transports you to the Beach. Of the four, we probably used this one the most.

Desert Obelisk, Stardew Valley

Desert Obelisk

  • 20 x Iridium Bars
  • 10 x Coconuts
  • 10 x Cactus Fruits
  • 1,000,000g

You’re likely noticing a pattern at this point, which is that the Obelisks match your routes of progression through Stardew Valley. To that end, the next on offer is the Desert Obelisk, which is particularly useful for getting you to the Desert as soon as possible each day, rather than waiting for the Bus. The requirements are similar of course, though it’s worth noting that both this and the final Obelisk do cost double the amount of gold. You’ll be able to grab both the Coconuts and Cactus Fruit foraging around the Desert, but if you’re struggling or want a quick victory then you can purchase both from Sandy in the Desert shop on both Monday and Tuesday. 

Island Obelisk, Stardew Valley

Island Obelisk

  • 10 x Iridium Bars
  • 10 x Dragon Tooth
  • 10 x Bananas
  • 1,000,000g

The relief that you’ll feel for unlocking the Island Obelisk is palpable, honestly. Being able to teleport to Ginger Island is absolutely incredible, and an option that will save you a tremendous amount of time. Unfortunately, it’s also the most awkward to unlock, requiring ten Dragon Tooth and ten Bananas. As you might imagine, these are primarily available in the location it’s providing travel to, and their methods do overlap somewhat. Getting the Dragon Tooth is all about heading into the Volcano, and gathering them either through item drops from Lava Lurks (annoying lads swimming in lava) or by gathering them near bones. Grabbing these first is a good idea, because you can use five of the teeth to trade with the Island Trader for a Banana sapling, which you can use to grow the required Bananas. One note on the latter however, is that you should either plant these in a greenhouse or on the island itself, lest you find yourself waiting for the correct season (Summer) to collect your produce. Once completed, hand them all in, and you now have your full collection of Obelisks to position around your farm! 

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