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Annoying Enemies We Dread Facing | Dragon Quest 8

One of the many charming elements of a Dragon Quest game is that of the enemies included. Rarely does a game have designs that manage to simultaneously amuse and confound players, through a combination of funny visual designs, hilarious names and key to our article today, varying difficulty levels. One great example of this is the Dingaling opponent; alone it’s rarely a danger to your team, and it elicits a wry smile when you realise it’s name is referencing a body part, but before you know it the damned thing is calling in reinforcements that are often much, much more dangerous. It’s this juxtaposition of danger and charm that makes us love the titles so much, but we thought we’d take some time out to pinpoint a few that, in Dragon Quest 8 at least, lean a little too far towards the ‘danger’ end of the spectrum for our liking.


Chimaera, Dragon Quest 8

Our first choice is unlikely to be a surprise, at least not to series veterans. Early on in your DQ playing career, the sight of a Chimaera is one of warm familiarity. They often appear in the early game, don’t tend to have a great deal of health and whilst they can be a little annoying to land a hit on, they’re nothing to worry about. Such things take a turn for the worse when you learn two things about them; they can turn up unannounced in other encounters, and worst of all they have a ‘Breath’ attack. 

The latter point here is the absolute worst, because up to this point you’ll likely be used to taking single target damage, and where required you will use your single target healing spells or items to account for it. Breath attacks can be countered with skills of course, but why would you waste a turn on a buff spell in a regular encounter? Alas, you will eventually encounter one of these and they will remove 20+ points of health from your entire team, cursing your current journey and requiring a rather swift route to be taken to the nearest inn.



Rockbomb, Dragon Quest 8

Having appeared in numerous DQ titles, we do not generally consider the Rockbomb to be much of an issue. They’re well known for their Kamikaze attack, which they’ll use when they reach lower than one quarter remaining HP, but generally speaking this can be managed or accounted for. The issue here actually comes down to the game itself, and the zone in which these enemies are encountered.

During the early-to-mid portions of the game, you’ll find yourself hunting for a ship in a desert, which will require you to explore a rather maze-like sandy location that is riddled with awkward opponents. One of these is the Rockbomb, and it too can appear in encounters with other enemy types. As you excursion to the ship transpires, you’ll find yourself getting perilously far away from an Inn, and whilst we do encourage that you defeat these enemies for their valuable loot, which can be used to craft a useful staff at this point in the game, having a few of them explode on you has the potential to ruin your ship-seeking quest.

Tap Devil

Tap Devil, Dragon Quest 8

Were it not obvious from their ordering, we have endeavoured to sort this short article into game time order; you meet the Chimaera in the second main zone, Rockbombs in the third, etc. We note this here, because if we were sorting into some form of severity rating, this particular enemy would sit atop the list alone. You see, having completed part of your quest in DQ8, you will gain access to a ship, upon which you will immediately want to visit the various newly available locations, one of which is an island dedicated to Mini Medals, where you can report in and trade for rare items.

Unfortunately, said island is inhabited by the Tap Devil, one of the worst possible enemies that you can face at any point in the game, never mind this early. These little blighters have access to various dances, each of which are bad enough because they can inflict status ailments, but by far the worst of these is the Death Dance, which does exactly what you might imagine and kills a party member outright. The fact that you can encounter up to four of these in each battle means that you’ll be lucky to escape with your entire team intact. In fact, therein lies the very best option for an encounter with these lot: Escape. Run away and never look back, at least not until you have some better accessories that is. Skirt the island and grab the treasure hidden on the other side if you can, but stay well away from these.


Fallen Priest

Fallen Priest, Dragon Quest 8

To be completely honest with you, after the Tap Devil we just detailed, things aren’t too bad from an enemy perspective for the remainder of the game. Rarely will you come up against an opponent that can instantly kill a party member, however the late game does herald the arrival of something almost as annoying: Group damage, and a lot of it too. Key to this is that the late and end portion of the game also contains dungeons that are longer than ever, meaning your options for restoring health are more limited too.

This is where the Fallen Priest steps in, or rather this is where the Kasizzle spell that is known by the Fallen Priest steps in. This is the most powerful of the ‘sizzle’ line of spells, and it’ll deal a whopping amount of damage to each of your party members should it be allowed to cast. Being a spell caster type enemy too, these guys have the stats to back it up, so expecting it to be reduced by too much is a mistake. Were they present in a simple, world map zone or such, then they could be dispatched without too much hassle, but when they’re joined in battle by equally tough targets to take down, you’ll really have to weigh up your targeting priorities. Their low defences and health do make things a little easier, but coming up against multiple often guarantees a great deal of health will be lost.

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