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100% Completion Infographic | Persona Q2

Just how much time have we given to this series? Seriously, we have a real problem with the Persona games. Well alright, not so much a problem, more of an infatuation. What would you do when faced with a game that squishes the cast of 3 whole Persona games, whilst also be based around the mechanics of another series you love? Throw hundreds of hours at it, of course. Anyway, we’re celebrating the end of our time writing about it with another 100% completion infographic. This is certainly not the last time that we’ll play it, our retirement plans include it after all, but we’ve written everything we planned to, and have since moved on. Time to finish our P3P coverage and move onto something a little more Golden…

Persona Q2 100% Completion Infographic

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Persona Q2

The Best Accessories For Every Character | Persona Q2

It’s not unusual for an accessory, a Persona game accessory at least, to completely change the performance of a single character. In the original Persona Q, there were accessories that switched stats around, potentially completely changing a unit into something else. These exist in Persona Q2, but the […]

Persona Q2

The Best Armour For Every Character | Persona Q2

In a Persona game, grabbing the right set of gear for your team members is crucial. In Persona Q2, much like others in the series, your elemental vulnerabilities are baked in with your equipped persona, so your choice of armour will be limited in its influence to your […]

Persona Q2

The Best Weapons For Every Character | Persona Q2

You might think that choosing equipment is an easy task in Persona Q2. Just pick the parts with the highest numbers and it’ll take care of itself, right? Well, if the party member descriptions from the original Persona Q have taught us anything, things are never quite as […]


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