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Pokemon Sword and Shield Guide – Team Yell Grunts Double Battle

Welcome to our new series of articles, looking to detail every single Non-Gym or Rival trainer battle throughout Pokemon Sword & Shield. We’ll be including details about the Pokemon they use and tips for how to beat each one, so if you’re looking for some help or you just want to read about our trainer battles, then look no further!

Team Yell Grunts Double Battle

Pokemon Team Yell

Location: Motostoke Hotel


After defeating them both in singles competition, Team Yell will try a new tactic in this battle: Double Battle. They’ll bring out both of their Pokemon to battle you and your friend at the same time. There’s no change to them other than this so we’ll repeat the information about their individual Pokemon from our previous battle article.

The first grunt will throw out a Zigzagoon, which is a Normal/Dark Type, making it weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy Type, immune to Ghost and Psychic and resistant to Dark Type.

The second grunt will bring out a Nickit, which is a Dark Type. This makes it weak to Fighting, Bug and Fairy Type, immune to Psychic Type and resistant to Ghost and Dark Type.

Pokemon Team Yell


Yes they’re back for more punishment, directly after suffering defeat at your hands. They’re certainly keen aren’t they?

The battle itself won’t be difficult, assuming you had no trouble defeating them each in singles battle. Don’t forget those weaknesses we spoke about before, in particular any Fighting type move will completely destroy both of the opponents. You may even have a special move that hits both of them at once! If you’re still struggling at all, try to focus one of the enemies down at a time, but even if you’re just using normal attacks you should be just fine.

Recommended Pokemon

Scorbunny or Pancham will again do well here if you’re levelled up enough and you’ve been doing some wild area capturing. You’re unlikely to have any Pokemon or attacks that they resist by now, so just attack and you’ll be fine!

Pokemon Team Yell

Once defeated they finally calm down, and you’ll learn exactly who they’re yelling about. We do kind of like that scarf they have though, maybe we’ll be able to buy one later on for our outfit.

As usual you’ll get a nice chunk of change for winning the battle too!

Pokemon Team Yell

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